"Excellent, helpful and will allow me to save time when completing work"

"Alan was really good, his pace and explanation and guidance of the tasks were outstanding. Feel really confident and positive it will help my job"

"The trainer was very patient and took time to explain things clearly so everyone could understand. Very approachable. I really enjoyed it - very useful"

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“Very informative, friendly and professional approach of the trainer” 
“Very helpful and knowledgeable Very comprehensive and a useful tool for the trade”

“Laura was very approachable, tailored the session to our needs and offered helpful hints and tips :) Covered a lot of things that you wouldn't know were there if you haven't been shown.”

"A really great program that helped with dealing with problematic line managers"

"Thoroughly enjoyable experience. From start to finish I felt at ease and was able to try the suggestions and put them into practice without feeling stupid. Slowing down and pausing was the best thing I have learnt"

"Fantastic course that improved my understanding of how to present effectively, along with methods of to cope with my nerves and improve engagement with my audience"

"Great course that has taught me to balance engagement and impact on my audience with my technical knowledge and expertise"

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"We have used TrainingU on a number of occasions for various different types of training both in house and offsite.  All staff who attended have been extremely impressed with both the trainers and content.  Everyone at TrainingU have been very helpful, professional and always willing to assist in any way they can.  The trainers make learning fun and easy from the Intermediate to the Expert. I would have no hesitation in recommending TrainingU to anyone and we will continue to use them for our future training requirements."

"TrainingU has proven to be an excellent choice. We were very happy with the service they provided. Their trainers and staff were all friendly, knowledgeable, professional and approachable. They were attentive and flexible to our individual training needs and catered for them accordingly – incorporating some personalisation where needed. We will certainly be using them again."

"One word....Excellent, enjoyable, educational and enlightening"

"Great trainer, very good training style, made sure everyone interacted and did not move on from a subject until everyone had full understanding. Well worth the wait, great course!"


“Very clear communication and paced to the class. Did what it said on the tin!”

“Denise was very helpful and approachable. Very helpful and informative” 
“Trainer was really good, level was aimed at everyone and everyone was included and not left behind. I personally felt very comfortable with Denise and the day/training flew by. I couldn't fault the training and would recommend it to anyone of any excel level and ability”
“Opened my eyes. Not had to touch on any excel since school level. Teacher was great and had a great manner with us. Thought it would be difficult as there was people in the room that were more advanced. However jumping in the deep end so to speak was great”

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“He had good knowledge of the product and was approachable. Dee had a very calm and measured approach, but kept things interesting and offered examples of practical applications of the skills we were learning. He was willing to offer one-to-one time where appropriate. This could easily be a two day or three day course. I can see how some of the skills we learned could be applied to my role. The information about relative and absolute formulas was useful”

“MS Excel Advanced course has improved my knowledge of using the data analysis skills for large amount of data on regular basis without consuming too much time”

“Very helpful and very patient. Explains material in a simple approachable way with lots of example to follow up. Very helpful and I'm looking forward to use the new skills at work”

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