“Very engaging and Penny understood us to not be excellent Microsoft Excel users and paced the content and delivery accordingly. An awesome day spent learning from her. The course design was spot on for my usage and understanding considering I am intermediate Excel user. all items taught in this course were appropriate to my level – it was perfect”

“Kevin was great at explaining what needed to be done, and very wary of the time and his management of it, ensuring it was a seamlessly run course. Brief overview of more advanced aspects of Excel skills, hints and tips, would recommend to any user who uses Excel to analyse data, especially large amounts”

“Training was excellent. It was concise, clear and addressed all the areas that I was weak at with regards to using Microsoft Excel. The course was well structured and organised in a manner to allow clear understanding and of what was required to be learnt from each section”

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"Very approachable trainer! Well worth the time spent on the course, lots learnt in a short space of time"

"Excellent training methods.  This is the best Excel course we have attended, very relevant and interesting."

"Alex was very friendly and helpful Quick, efficient and easy to pick up" 

“Dee is a great trainer, very patient and approachable. The Visio course had a good pace, we covered everything I needed and more. I feel it was very worth the time I invested in being out of the business for one day for the knowledge I acquired. Thanks”

“Very practical skills to learn and helps you to see what you can actually use Microsoft Visio for”


“She was very helpful and was able to give more one on one support as there was only two of us. She was easy to understand and very attentive. Useful to understand that you should get straight to the point and to shorten sentences rather than provide a lot of unnecessary details.” 

“It was a good course and has given more knowledge and information.” 
“Very pleasant, easy to understand and very approachable. Enjoyable”

“Rebecca was very professional, worked at a good pace and looked and listened to see if anyone needed extra help or direction. The course was made very flexible and adapted as we went along to meet our specific needs.”

“I really enjoyed the course and benefited from having some one-to-one time with Rebecca which meant we were able to tailor the course to my needs.”


“I really enjoyed the course and Rebecca found out what we all wanted to get out of it.” 
“The last day of training was a bit disruptive due to myself and Lee being called away to deal with other work priorities, but Rebecca dealt with this really well! Apologies from myself and Lee :) Excellent!” 
“Fast-paced, informative and well-constructed”

"I thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking course and feel more able to deal with disputes and difficult people more effectively."

"A great course providing a friendly and open atmosphere to learn and develop"

“This has been a very useful day in terms of helping me to produce my reports efficiently and more effectively.”


“Just very helpful and excellent. Many thanks Very educational and worthwhile.”

“Very good pace and Helpful when needed. Fabulous”
“Enjoyed it - not too complicated!” 
“Excellent trainer, very clear and through with training. Clear, practical and excellent delivery”

“Dee was great and I would hope to have him as a trainer again. Great course”

“Excellent trainer. Great course, worth while attending” 

“The best training session I have had on Excel so far, very interactive instead of reading from manual, very informative and friendly trainer, will definitely recommend to other colleagues/companies. Excellent course, well worth it”

"Kevin was very good with trying to teach to two levels! A good course"
"Refreshing knowledge and learning practical uses of others"
"Interesting, useful and eye opening"

"Really extended knowledge"

“Excellent and picked up some valuable lessons” 

“I thought Alison was fantastic, really friendly and a fantastic teacher! Would like Alison again for future training as I found this session very helpful. I would recommend for any Excel user!”
“Lovely trainer, very patient, thorough and understanding feel much more confident with Excel and happy to explore.”

“Cameron has a deep knowledge of the software and is very professional and friendly - I find his courses more informative than most. Very informative and extremely worthwhile”
“It has given me more confidence to change and investigate problems on the spreadsheets I use. It has shown me functions I did not know existed”

“I found the course very informative and will hopefully go a long way to helping me tidy up my spread sheets”

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“I found it very useful, and feel the team benefited from the session. We got through quite a lot of content which was great, it will be good to get the manual to ensure everything sinks in that was covered” 
“Very friendly and quick witted/funny with plenty of examples to give. Impressed by his use of Concatenate. I've learnt a lot”

“Informative and at a good pace, was able to ask questions and have bespoke answers”

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“The overall course was good and was managed very well. Would recommend” 
“Very approachable and knowledgeable. Good use of my time”
“Excellent advice & support. Really enjoyed the course - was of great use”

“Very helpful in short cuts to speed up your day”
“Excellent. Moves at a fast pace which was good”
“Very Helpful and Funny. Good”

“Useful in understanding basics of Excel” 
“Very good, easy to learn from and helpful. Very productive, hopefully learnt quite a bit from this”

“I found it very useful. The short keys will save quite a few time” 

“Very clear, concise and answered questions readily. Was able to answer most queries with ease and presented some alternatives too. Seemed very knowledgeable and the course was interesting, useful and practical”

“He had an extensive knowledge of Excel VBA, was very professional, friendly and approachable. Very interesting and informative course”

“Decent guy, fully recommend. Very useful especially if user has basic prior knowledge”