Smurfitt Kappa

“First class training, Dee dealt with varying competency levels within our group and created an atmosphere where you didn't feel stupid to ask a question. I was dreading the course and usually any presentations with lots of spreadsheets and numbers seem to drag after a while but this day flew and I had a really enjoyable day. Dee made something that could be extremely tedious fun and I did learn a great deal from it”

“Lynn was our trainer for the day. I thought she was fantastic. I was worried I may be on the wrong course and would be out of my depth but she made it all so easy, explained everything very clearly and gave us all confidence. I came away with lots more knowledge and confidence on Excel than I had before. The best training course I have ever been on with the best trainer”

“I found this course really helpful as I am self-taught on Excel and although I thought I knew a lot, I just knew the very basics. I can now try things that I have struggled with and will be faster in my day to day role”

“Dee - the trainer was easy to follow, very knowledgeable and patient. I would say he has been the best computer based trainer I have been taught by. Eye opening to what Excel is capable of”

“Lyn pitched the course perfectly for me and was highly responsive to any requirements that became apparent during the course. Excel made simple”

“Dee is always helpful and thorough in his training. He has excellent knowledge and is always able to offer extra tips to help us all in all areas of training. Well run course and items were covered in a timely manner that seemed to suit all participants”

“Dee was very easy to understand regarding terminology and also friendly and more than happy to help with any issues. Very insightful course which will be of great use”

“Dee is a wonderful trainer, he makes sure everyone understands what he is teaching in a friendly, happy manner, before moving onto the next segment. Very worthwhile course”

“Good knowledge of Excel and had the ability to adapt to individual learning levels required. This course has given me a good basic knowledge and is an important first step”

“Lyn showed us the best way of using Excel and made it easy to understand. It was very interesting and I am really happy that I went on this course, I learnt a great deal”

“Really good course. I think I may have benefitted more from the Advanced Course but I did feel more confident after this day. The instructor was very clear, very methodical and the hands on practical assessments all helped reinforce the training”