“Genuinely very approachable and helpful! Doesn't linger on anything too long, but ensures everyone follows before moving on. Very engaging presentation style as well! Exactly what is required - not too basic or too in depth” 

“I thought Kevin was an excellent trainer, explained the detail very clearly, patient, understanding. His persona is also very suited to delivering this as he has made a potentially dull area engaging. We should bring him in to train people here on how to a good solid intro to Access, will be recommending this to team members” 

“Solid introduction to access which allows you to go from knowing nothing whatsoever to having confidence in order to start experimenting and using the program.” 


“Very enjoyable training session, good examples and hands on good”
“Useful, concise.” 
“Kevin is always amazing, very pleased to have him again. A good all-round introduction to the subject.” 
“Very approachable, explanations clear and pace of course very suitable well-paced, informative, content sufficient but not overwhelming” 
“Trainer was very good. There was a lot to cover in the one day but he was approachable and helpful. Introduction to Access”
“Very easy to understand and always readily available to help on any issues that may arise. Very good for introductory purpose which is what I required.” 
“Good, useful applications for a tool that I will definitely utilise in my day job”