“I have been to many training sessions and have had many trainers/coaches. Kevin has been excellent and addressed our needs on the spot and answered all questions we had. He always made sure everyone was on the same track in their own pace. Great environment to learn and I always thoroughly enjoy courses from TrainingU. It's an overall introduction to Excel using work related examples to make it more accessible – loved it”

“Kevin was very upbeat and explained sometimes complex functionalities clearly. I was able to follow the entire course without effort and felt engaged by his approachable training style. I look forward to honing on newly acquired skills by putting in some practice time in my job. Great Course. Lots of food for thoughts on how best to apply this to my daily tasks”

“Fantastic - boosted my confidence, answered all of my questions clearly, explained things slowly and made sure everyone understood. I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues - I feel it should be more accessible as I know many people want to participate but there is a very long waiting list. I'm sure if these sessions ran once or twice a month there would be full”

“Well composed, approachable and knowledgeable I reckon this will save me about 6 hours per month....If everyone in Amazon who uses Excel went on this course ...think how much more efficient the company would be!”

“Kevin was very friendly and personable. Also very approachable and I felt comfortable asking questions - whether simple or more complex. An accessible and comprehensive introduction and refresher to Excel, based around interactive learning and practicing using techniques and shortcuts. A fantastic course, thank you!”

“Awesome as usual! Very happy with this session; it hit a lot of different areas and taught me many different things I didn't know before - very helpful indeed!”

“Whilst I have previously been impressed with Kevin's technical knowledge and ability to teach, today I was also able to see that he is very capable of coping with a large number of difficult to teach individuals which further impressed me of his ability and personality. This training was very comprehensive, useful and stimulating”

“A long day to take out from my day to day role, but very worth it in the long term because it will ultimately speed me up, progress my data analysis abilities and stop me having to ask my colleagues so regularly”

“I thought Kevin was fantastic, he actually made learning Excel fun! Definitely worth the time - I learnt in a few hours how to save a few hours every week!”

“Kevin is an excellent facilitator. Have been to his beginners and intermediate class and have been very pleased. Excellent course for those who want to become more efficient in using Excel”

“Absolutely amazing, he was extremely helpful, engaging and friendly. The most useful aspect was working in our own workbook alongside the trainer”

“Kevin, the trainer was very personable. He remembered all participants’ names and worked on including all members in the training. Also worked on asking questions and getting us all engaged. Friendly, engaging and well thought out”

“I honestly haven't met a more enthusiastic yet clear trainer before. Kevin doesn't make you feel stupid when you understand something and is very clear with instructions. Focused, clear and enjoyable training, thanks”

“Kevin is a great guy, I’ve attended a course with him before so I was glad to see he was running this one. Great course, probably a bit too technical for my current level but still very much worthwhile”

“Terry was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Couldn't fault his style. A great refresher for me personally, after about a decade of limited Excel use”

“Kevin is an excellent trainer who is always enthusiastic and accommodating to the group’s needs. I've previously had MS Access training with him and he's saved me lots of time. Interesting, informative, entertaining”

"Very approachable and engaging. The trainer was very helpful, handled any questions and issues we had”

“Very lovely trainer – really engaging and adaptable. Very useful for the basics and a little extra if everyone is familiar with some sections”