“Paul was wonderful!! The course was very interactive and informative. I liked it very much. Paul was very knowledgeable and taught other related topics that weren’t part of the course but were appropriate for use as well”

“Paul was amazing! This VBA course was a great use of my time, I've learned so much and am excited about using what I've learned to speed up future processes”

“Was very methodical and helped me develop my knowledge of writing macros and understanding the code more. Lots of resources which will be very useful to look back on and do some further research on. Very useful for basic macro writing and understanding VBA. Overall it was very useful”

“Very good, happy with the delivery, and explanation, packed a lot into 7hrs. Overall very interesting and informative, hoping to make use of the course docs”

“Excellent trainer - one of the best I have seen. Kept me interested all day and worked at a perfect pace”

“He was very good, and very helpful I learnt a lot more than I thought I would and the course was also more useful than I thought it would be”

“Very useful, lots of practical knowledge, a new dimension of Excel, which I never used before”

“Great guy with a lot of patience for us newbies! Clear in his speech, would recommend. Basics in VBA and macro, a good entry for newbies with potential for more training on other days”