"A useful and interesting presentation. Denise was clear and concise and very approachable with any questions. A very enjoyable day."

"Very useful to reinforce the capabilities of Outlook which are often under-utilised. Raises awareness of time management problems and ways to better manage one's own time."

"Really enjoyed it, wasn't expecting to learn so much."

"Relax atmosphere, the trainer was very knowledgeable and understood both our level of knowledge and the needs from this course. Using the exercises got us to self-assess and also to support each other"

"Jacki was a natural teacher- really brilliant at explaining her ideas and Excel concepts- without being patronising. I will definitely be recommending her and the training course to my team."

“Very useful information, thoroughly enjoyable, lots to take away to implement and get the best out of staff members."

“Very useful information, thoroughly enjoyable, lots to take away to implement and get the best out of staff members."

“Very clear instructions. Helpful and patient. Very knowledgeable and there were no questions that he could not answer. Made it a very pleasurable experience. Very informative” 

"I've had Jackie in a previous training session and once again I've really enjoyed having her as a trainer, very professional and welcoming."
“Fabulous made me feel completely at ease, I feel that I have learnt a lot of hint tips and knowledge, made the day enjoyable Excellent, easy to understand”

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"Paul has been great teaching us all the relevant features of Excel! A big thank you!"


"Very useful, I want to know more now"


“The trainer came over as very approachable and knowledgeable. Very relaxed course.”

“Excellent, lovely lady. Just enough for what I needed, was worried it may of been to advanced but due to the way it was trained it was made easy to understand and take in” 

“That was my 2nd course with TrainingU and I am still very impressed by the level of organization and approach. Professional, helpful... will allow me to be more official” 
“Alex was excellent, She delivered the training in a very professional way, She was very supportive with friendly approach. Very informative and useful. All the topics we covered were supported with good examples” 

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“He was superb! Amazing. Learnt some interesting new things” 
“Very helpful and understanding. It was good to finally be taught how to get around the computer”


“Karen is easily the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was funny, professional and engaging and really brought the subject to life. Engaging, well organised”
“It’s been a real insight in to excel and learn new things” 
“Karen was super helpful and easy to understand. She explained everything clearly and precisely. Putting a context behind everything made learning much more interactive and engaging. 10/10 and would definitely recommend her. Excel isn't a fun subject however she made sure that the day wasn't boring at all and kept us all involved and engaged."

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“Paul was wonderful!! The course was very interactive and informative. I liked it very much. Paul was very knowledgeable and taught other related topics that weren’t part of the course but were appropriate for use as well”

“Paul was amazing! This VBA course was a great use of my time, I've learned so much and am excited about using what I've learned to speed up future processes”

“Was very methodical and helped me develop my knowledge of writing macros and understanding the code more. Lots of resources which will be very useful to look back on and do some further research on. Very useful for basic macro writing and understanding VBA. Overall it was very useful”

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“First class training, Dee dealt with varying competency levels within our group and created an atmosphere where you didn't feel stupid to ask a question. I was dreading the course and usually any presentations with lots of spreadsheets and numbers seem to drag after a while but this day flew and I had a really enjoyable day. Dee made something that could be extremely tedious fun and I did learn a great deal from it”

“Lynn was our trainer for the day. I thought she was fantastic. I was worried I may be on the wrong course and would be out of my depth but she made it all so easy, explained everything very clearly and gave us all confidence. I came away with lots more knowledge and confidence on Excel than I had before. The best training course I have ever been on with the best trainer”

“I found this course really helpful as I am self-taught on Excel and although I thought I knew a lot, I just knew the very basics. I can now try things that I have struggled with and will be faster in my day to day role”

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“I have been to many training sessions and have had many trainers/coaches. Kevin has been excellent and addressed our needs on the spot and answered all questions we had. He always made sure everyone was on the same track in their own pace. Great environment to learn and I always thoroughly enjoy courses from TrainingU. It's an overall introduction to Excel using work related examples to make it more accessible – loved it”

“Kevin was very upbeat and explained sometimes complex functionalities clearly. I was able to follow the entire course without effort and felt engaged by his approachable training style. I look forward to honing on newly acquired skills by putting in some practice time in my job. Great Course. Lots of food for thoughts on how best to apply this to my daily tasks”

“Fantastic - boosted my confidence, answered all of my questions clearly, explained things slowly and made sure everyone understood. I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues - I feel it should be more accessible as I know many people want to participate but there is a very long waiting list. I'm sure if these sessions ran once or twice a month there would be full”

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“Excellent. Very clear and easy to understand. Dee delivered the course extremely well and made something that I've generally always avoided and disliked doing seem really interesting and challenging in a positive way. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Overall it was a really good learning experience and I'm glad that we were provided with a booklet consisting of all of the content covered on the course and a certificate to show my individual participation”

“Fantastic Delivery of course from our trainer, Dee. He was very approachable to ask questions when struggling, made you feel at ease and explained in detail. The course had great content, was well structured, delivered at a great pace and was fully engaging. Thanks”

“Sally was very flexible in her approach, we got a lot from the course and I personally found it very beneficial. It was a very good intermediate level course that was flexed very well to the capability of the people present”

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“Great course, explained fully at a good pace to enable me to be more proficient at my job and has given me the confidence to experiment” 


"Great trainer, nothing was too much trouble and really listened to what I was asking and worrying about. Brilliant, very knowledgeable and will help me a lot in the future, as long as I practice and don’t forget!”

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“Dee was very friendly. I have learned how to use a new program which is was very helpful.” 

“Alex is really knowledgeable and will make sure you understand by taking you through examples. She is very easy to ask questions too and never makes you feel stupid. She is a real ambassador for your company. Thank you. This is the second course I have had with Alex, and she is an excellent trainer covering everything I wanted to learn as one 2 one.” 
“Great, easy to listen to and understand. Patient and understanding of individual needs. Very productive”

“Very good Informative and very useful” 
“Laura was the perfect trainer for this group of trainees. Helpful, approachable and easy going which suits our business. Well delivered and adapted to the trainees” 
"Very productive, descripted well, comfortable, well presented by the trainer”

“The course was a good foundation as I do not use the software very often.” 

 “I found the course very useful, I already use PowerPoint frequently and there was a few tools I knew I was not using correctly, the training has now given me the knowledge and confidence to use the tools more efficiently and to the best of their use.”

“Very helpful, lots of short cuts to stuff that I already knew. Will make it much easier to move around and update someone else's presentation if required.”

“Excellent course to refresh the knowledge I already had” 
“Excellent, Very approachable and friendly well presented and educational. Opened eyes to the possibilities of Excel and how we can improve processes”

“This course will help me in my work.  It was very easy to follow as the trainer is excellent.”
“Very efficient, patient and understanding of each individual’s needs. Good pace and tone. Very pleased. Insightful, useful and positive”

“Really simple to understand, great style of presentation. The challenge now is applying my new knowledge”

“Genuinely very approachable and helpful! Doesn't linger on anything too long, but ensures everyone follows before moving on. Very engaging presentation style as well! Exactly what is required - not too basic or too in depth” 

“I thought Kevin was an excellent trainer, explained the detail very clearly, patient, understanding. His persona is also very suited to delivering this as he has made a potentially dull area engaging. We should bring him in to train people here on how to a good solid intro to Access, will be recommending this to team members” 

“Solid introduction to access which allows you to go from knowing nothing whatsoever to having confidence in order to start experimenting and using the program.” 

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