Shoreline Housing Partnership

“The trainer was very understanding and helpful which helped me as a beginner”

“Sally was excellent, she led the course very well, kept the pace right and delivered a fantastic programme. Fantastic, and will definitely make my life easier” 
“The best trainer I have ever had. Very friendly, went over things as many times as needed. Knew her stuff, tailor made to fit all abilities”

“Presented very well considering there was a wide range of skill levels in the class. Would recommend”

“Very professional and personable trainer, Sally really helped and I liked her approach to teaching the theory but then letting us work through the examples and try it ourselves - I find this method of learning is the most productive for me. Excellent and very beneficial to my job role” 
“Excellent course as it goes on what you know and not through a book it is all on a one to one basis even though others are in the room” 

“Very friendly and an easy to understand approach very informative and interesting. Would like to go on the more advanced course next time” 
“Very helpful, went out of her way to answer questions and provide assistance when needed Very good - well structured, good pace”