MCCH Society Ltd

"Terence was fab. He was really brilliant! He combined just the right amount of presentation, explanation and hands-on training for our needs. I think everyone was really impressed and we have the start of a really good plan for the way forward now"

"The Trainer was very knowledgeable about Sharepoint and challenged the way we think about our systems. He got to know about the work of mcch easily and translated that into the training. Having an expert deliver the training was excellent"

"I found Terence to be very knowledgeable, easy to follow and more than willing to slow down to enable those of us not quite so skilled up, to catch up! He explained the benefits of Sharepoint very well and I feel quite excited at the prospect of using it I thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though I was a last minute thought (by our training organiser not Terence!)"
"Very good and very interesting. Made the course fun too. Informative, interesting and engaging"