Gateway Qualifications

“Laura made it all easy to understand and went back over things if not understood first time round, a lovely balance between professional and friendly and was very approachable. I found this course really helpful in covering things not usually used by myself but which will make things much easier in the future”

“The pace was just right, the number of people attending was perfect, which allowed for one to one training as necessary”

“It was nice, quick, bite size learning at the right level and pace, very useful tricks, and I now have a far better understanding of Microsoft Outlook”

“Found Laura to be very good and patient, in particular as I did not know very much compared to others on course. Very informative course and I will find the things I have learnt very useful in my working day”

“Carolynne was very knowledgeable about Microsoft Outlook. This course was a good overview of the features”

“Easy to understand and I liked using the equipment alongside explanations”

“Very friendly and knowledgeable trainer. Informative, helpful and interesting course”