Gateway Qualifications

“Carolynne is an excellent trainer, ran the course at a great pace and worked well with individual needs, great pitch level and very supportive, I didn't feel silly!!! Really helpful and enlightening Microsoft Word course”

“Carolynne was really patient and extremely clear and made it really easy to understand, going over things again if required. She made me feel far more confident using Microsoft Word and of my own capabilities. Clear, concise and easy to understand course”

“Carolynne adjusted the speed of the course to ensure those that were less able remained engaged and understood the content. Informative course - will enable me to carry out tasks that I have previously managed by trial and error”

“Very helpful and adaptive trainer, tone reflected group in the room not overly relevant to me but useful for the company”

“Very knowledgeable about functionality of the Microsoft Word application. Good overview to the subject”