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“Very friendly and approachable trainer who obviously had a vast knowledge of the subject. The level of the training was perfectly pitched and I really enjoyed the course. It was enjoyable, informative and incredibly useful”

“Kevin was a fantastic trainer who was able to explain what was thought to be complex issues and made them easily understandable using his expertise of the subject. Excellent, hands-on and well structured”

“Kevin was excellent in his delivery of the course and was very amenable. He made what could be a very dry subject interesting and engaging. Well delivered”

"Kevin was excellent and this was an excellent Excel course. I've already been recommending it to colleagues”

“Insightful into the capabilities of Excel and generated confidence to explore its capacity within our particular working environment”

“Sometimes easy, sometimes a bit intense depending on your basic knowledge. Overall, enjoyable”

“A very useful guide to using Excel. Very good for building on and allowing you some practical experience”