Dacorum Borough Council

“Really helpful and didn't make you feel stupid for not knowing the basics -- also taught shortcuts and handy hints to help save time each day etc. Lots of handy information that is actually practical as well"

"I feel we couldnt ask for a better trainer. Not only she is very knoledgeable but knows how to explain and that makes all the info make muck more sense and quick to learn."

"Extremely helpful and I have learnt a lot from today. Dee covered a lot of areas and explained each area in enough time for me to understand"

“I feel that Dee (our trainer) did an excellent job on helping everyone to understand what we were doing. Each time a question was asked, the trainer immediately took the time to help whoever it was asking and even went over to help that individual”

“The trainer was very good in providing the information and explaining things. Understood more options on how to manipulate the data in more ways than I knew before. This will save me a huge amount of time. Great course and well run”

“Dee is an incredibly patient and understanding trainer. His speech is very clear, diverse and rich. Explanations are very clear and visual. Can't wait to start putting it all into practise”

“Dee is very helpful and was able to answer all of the questions I had regardless of whether I may have gone off topic at points. The pace in which he explains things makes it very easy to follow and understand and I don't feel as though anything was rushed. Complicated but informative, requires concentration but it is explained thoroughly and made understandable”

“Excellent knowledge, very helpful. The course was very helpful to me in understanding what pivot tables actually mean and how useful they are in building reports and analysing data”

“Really patient and explained everything in a professional manner. Great for someone new to excel or who has never used formulas”

“The course was really helpful to me as allowed me to understand Excel, different formulas more and helped me to apply these skills to everyday tasks at work”

“Very calming and gave the information needed very well, I think the course could have done with more time to spend with some individual needs but this is not the fault of the trainer. Very informative but I wanted to know more than the basics”

“Dee is very friendly and helpful as well as being very easy to understand and learn from. Thank you TrainingU, the course was very useful and informative”

“As per usual Dee was excellent and extremely professional. I like that he has documents prepared so we are all working on the same thing. Brilliant”

“It was comprehensive but still to the point. The trainer was excellent at helping to understand how to put things into context of my everyday work. The whole course was very informative and helpful - first class”