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“Very patient! Happy to delay to make sure everybody fully understood an area before moving on, and adapted the course to add in additional bits that we specifically requested. Very well presented. I have come out of this 2 day event feeling very much more comfortable with Access and already looking to create a number of new databases in the coming weeks”

“Thought Alison was really friendly - great trainer. I feel I've come away with lots of learning and practical skills which I've used every day since completing the training. For me being able to put skills into practice is a sign of a worthwhile training course”

“Very easy going and pitched the training at an appropriate level, very helpful and was prepared to answer very specific questions that were perhaps outside of the remit of the course. Well-structured and very informative, good mix of theory and practical work and opportunity for group discussion”

“Very well structured course; a combination of periods of instruction and sessions where we discussed how to apply this instruction to problems at hand”