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“The best external trainer BIG has used in a long time. Sensitive to our business needs without becoming bogged down in specifics. Excellent pace and clear explanations of concepts I previously thought were complicated. Excellent, very worthwhile for everyone's job role in BIG - it should be mandatory”

“Dee is a very engaging and capable trainer - very impressed with his relaxed presentational style and pace. A welcome change to undertake a bespoke training course using our own data instead of yet another off the shelf solution”

“Lyn was very friendly and approachable while being in control and meeting the service user’s needs. I was impressed with her professionalism and look forward to meeting with her again in the near future. Course was excellent and will be beneficial for my job role. I would recommend it to others to build confidence when using Excel software”

“Alison was really good and explained everything thoroughly. Even when I got behind looking for a particular button she was able to see this and came over without me having to ask. Very helpful, pointed out some elements of excel that I didn't know were there”

“Alison was excellent. She was really mindful of how people were getting on and helped on an individual basis when needed. I would feel confident in approaching her with any questions or queries that I had. She had a nice calm manner which made learning brilliant. The course was informative and useful and gave me some needed confidence on the system”

“Amazing. Alison is very helpful, patient and understanding and never minds going over something again. An absolute must for anyone using excel at work”

“Alison was very patient and attentive. She was supportive of everyone in the room and it was very easy to ask questions without feeling like you were holding up the session or being difficult. The course was very informative and useful. It will help me in my day to day use of Excel”

“I thought Alison was brilliant and made learning simple! Very useful and informative, even if you think you know it all!!!”

“Lyn was an excellent trainer, working with us individually to ensure we understood what we were doing. Happy to stop and answer questions/queries. Really excellent course and I will be able to apply my learning to my everyday work on spreadsheets”

“I thought Allison was excellent. She pitched the whole day at the right level, didn't go too quick, allowed people to ask questions, clarified our understanding and was very engaging. Many thanks!! Excellent session. Many thanks”

“Excellent. Very well paced day and I felt I could ask anything I wanted. Good pace throughout the session. I've thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to putting what I've learnt into practice”

“Relaxed style - moved with the pace of the group, gave help where required Excellent - I learnt a lot about excel I didn’t previously know”

“Callum was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable - the course was completed at a pace that suited us and he took time to go over anything that we had missed or wanted clarified again. Useful, practical, relevant and easy to follow”

“Very informative and relevant to improving my work processes”

“Lyn is always very helpful and always willing to offer help and guidance. I have learnt a lot from this session”

“Lyn was very friendly and helpful. She was happy to answer questions as needed. Very useful course”

“Lyn was an excellent trainer. The course was very informative and Lyn went at the pace of the slowest in the group”

“Alison was very helpful and knowledgeable in her excel instructions. Very pleased with what I have learned from this course”

“Alison was very engaging, checked throughout that we all understood what we were doing. Well-paced and informative”

“Awesome! Patient, wise and helpful. Very good and informative. Will revolutionise my excel use”

“Alison is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. There is no question she cannot answer. Very useful”

“Alison has the gift of making you understand how process works. Informative, interesting engaging”

“Helpful and informative creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to effective learning. Informative and practical”

“Very useful refresher to Excel. I need to keep using it regularly now”

“The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Very enjoyable course which was very informative and gave me lots of useful tools”

“Callum was, as before, very helpful and knowledgeable about the subject and happy to go over things until people were happy. Really useful and informative”

“Excellent refresher of some of the keys areas of Excel”

“Very clear, good pace which was easy to follow without being too simplified. Informative and simple to follow”

“Dee was extremely patient and knowledgeable and took the time to make sure everyone understood. Interesting, enjoyable and confidence building”

“I was able to follow all the steps, the right amount of time was given to each part of the training session. Very well constructed to all that you can achieve within Excel”

“Very informal session, very approachable and not afraid to ask questions due to the trainer’s friendly, laid back, helpful nature. Very helpful, thorough, interactive and informative”

“Very good pace and attention to detail. Easy to follow, effective with a good amount of listening and the ability to perform the tasks yourself”

“Very pleasant and very helpful. Although she initially dived in with a lot of technical terms she settled down once she knew our levels. Very informative, took the mystery out of spreadsheets”

“Very approachable and clear in her explanations. Didn't make me feel silly if I didn’t understand first time. Excellent introduction beyond the very basic functions of Excel”

“Useful and also ability to practice actions was good. I hope with the use of the manual to be able to help colleagues with any issues with formulae’s”

“This course is excellent for updating knowledge on Excel. I have learnt new things although I have been using Excel for a while”

“Lyn is very helpful and always goes the extra mile. Knowledgeable, informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Trainer was friendly and approachable; kept me entertained throughout the day and assisted when necessary. Highly beneficial for those who want to further their knowledge of Excel!”

“Very helpful and well suited to job - could not fault the training Informative, enjoyable, clear”