Affinity Trust

“IT can be very tiring, however the way the course was facilitated was excellent. Very useful now that I have a basic understanding of Excel”

“Very engaging and knowledgeable. The most fun you can have with Excel” 

“Very good trainer who was aware of everyone's needs and kept the pace appropriate throughout the day. He was very responsive and aware of when breaks were necessary. Everything taught was explained well and understood by me. Brilliant. I learnt more about excel in this day than I have in my working life” 

“Approachable and friendly - very good! Informative and well-paced” 
“Well delivered to suit our individual learning pace. Opportunity to exercise what was covered. Questions very well answered and made very enjoyable. Very informative and well delivered”

"Excellent, individual help as well as group support very informative and useful” 
“Very helpful and made the course enjoyable and not dull. Really enjoyed the course and the content”
“Excellent trainer who explained everything very clearly and went at a good pace which suited everyone. Excellent for beginners or people scared from computers”