“Very patient! Happy to delay to make sure everybody fully understood an area before moving on, and adapted the course to add in additional bits that we specifically requested. Very well presented. I have come out of this 2 day event feeling very much more comfortable with Access and already looking to create a number of new databases in the coming weeks”

“Thought Alison was really friendly - great trainer. I feel I've come away with lots of learning and practical skills which I've used every day since completing the training. For me being able to put skills into practice is a sign of a worthwhile training course”

“Very easy going and pitched the training at an appropriate level, very helpful and was prepared to answer very specific questions that were perhaps outside of the remit of the course. Well-structured and very informative, good mix of theory and practical work and opportunity for group discussion”

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“Excellent; as he was during the excel training. Very friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the course, a lot to take in, in a relatively short period of time but certainly found it very useful and will really help me at work”
“Useful Access course to help learn the basics and build on these to allow complex databases to be built”

"Apart from learning all the capabilities of Access, I really liked how Gill asked questions about what we keep in a database and tried to tailor how she explained things around our data/work to help us understand it which was good."

“Very impressed, Penny was very professional, her explanations were easy to follow and she offered help and support whenever needed. I really enjoyed the experience - this is the first IT training I have had and it has encouraged me to think about doing more”

"Knew how to respond to individual needs and ongoing support. Penny (our trainer) had excellent presentation skills and a good sense of humour. Will nudge me to go forward with using Excel in all sorts of ways”


“Ensured all of us were keeping pace. A real confidence builder in that there's nothing now that's too difficult in Excel”

“Always checked to ensure no one left behind. Great way to consolidate existing knowledge and to fill in the gaps, enabling me to fully use the package”

“I found the course excellent really insightful, the trainer Dee was really helpful”

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“Alison was extremely approachable and was excellent at tailoring the course to suit the needs of the group. It was easy to ask questions if we were unsure. Alison was able to deal with these questions but still keep us on task and ensure we covered every Information, enjoyable and highly practical - can't wait to put what I've learnt into action!”

“Alison is extremely clear and precise in her instructions, patient when trying to locate specific items and very approachable. Very useful and informative Microsoft Outlook course - an enjoyable experience”

“Very knowledgeable; Alison obviously has an in-depth knowledge about the subject she was teaching. The course covers all aspects of Microsoft Outlook”

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“Laura made it all easy to understand and went back over things if not understood first time round, a lovely balance between professional and friendly and was very approachable. I found this course really helpful in covering things not usually used by myself but which will make things much easier in the future”

“The pace was just right, the number of people attending was perfect, which allowed for one to one training as necessary”

“It was nice, quick, bite size learning at the right level and pace, very useful tricks, and I now have a far better understanding of Microsoft Outlook”

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 "Very professional, understanding and approachable. I have really appreciated the entire day. Thanks. I would recommend it to all colleagues” 

 "Denise obviously knew the software well and was very generous with her knowledge. I think we all knew that the functions existed but had no idea how to put them into practice. Denise explained the options in simple and practical way and was happy to customise to suit each or our specific needs. I had a really enjoyable day."

"Extremely professional and very patient, felt like a one on one. Would definitely recommend. Well structured course which ensures that the pace incorporates the ability of the delegates and not the trainer"

"Excellent training, felt at ease asking questions, if I ever do any other office training I would like to choose Alex. Would recommend the course to anyone, Alex was very knowledgeable and helpful"

“Excellent and very clear Informative. Didn’t know Microsoft PowerPoint could do so much”

“Excellent - extremely friendly and very professional trainer, Alison obviously knew exactly what she was talking about and was able to help us with all our queries. Enjoyable Microsoft PowerPoint course, very helpful in my job and makes me want to go off and set up some presentations!”

“Very happy with how well Allison delivered the training. She was very friendly and helpful. Thank you. Very helpful for someone wanting to learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint."

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“Thoroughly enjoyed Carolynne's presentation - pace of learning was appropriate for all and the content maintained interest and provided a consistent approach for all”

“Excellent in depth overview of PowerPoint from a knowledgeable trainer”


“Very good. Calm, clear, friendly. An excellent introduction to essential project planning skills.”
“I found Dee to be an excellent trainer, he was very helpful and explained things very clearly. Dee was also thorough and went into depth about why you would/wouldn't do things a certain way. An excellent, useful and informative course held by an excellent trainer.” 
“Dee was fantastic. He was very patient and explained our mistakes clearly. Very informative and very beneficial to my current job. Excellent introduction to MS Project, and excellent breakdown of subject areas.” 
“Very helpful and clear when speaking so easy to understand. Interesting, informative and beneficial.”

"Insightful, useful, and full of hints to make life easier!"

"Terence was fab. He was really brilliant! He combined just the right amount of presentation, explanation and hands-on training for our needs. I think everyone was really impressed and we have the start of a really good plan for the way forward now"

"The Trainer was very knowledgeable about Sharepoint and challenged the way we think about our systems. He got to know about the work of mcch easily and translated that into the training. Having an expert deliver the training was excellent"

"I found Terence to be very knowledgeable, easy to follow and more than willing to slow down to enable those of us not quite so skilled up, to catch up! He explained the benefits of Sharepoint very well and I feel quite excited at the prospect of using it I thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though I was a last minute thought (by our training organiser not Terence!)"

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“Carolynne is an excellent trainer, ran the course at a great pace and worked well with individual needs, great pitch level and very supportive, I didn't feel silly!!! Really helpful and enlightening Microsoft Word course”

“Carolynne was really patient and extremely clear and made it really easy to understand, going over things again if required. She made me feel far more confident using Microsoft Word and of my own capabilities. Clear, concise and easy to understand course”

“Carolynne adjusted the speed of the course to ensure those that were less able remained engaged and understood the content. Informative course - will enable me to carry out tasks that I have previously managed by trial and error”

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"Explained things in an straightforward and simple way which made the instructions so easy to follow. This course will make a massive difference when I carry out mailshots in the future"

"A very nice, very competent and friendly trainer.  What a great way to learn - very useful tips and tricks to create work more efficiently and without frustration"


“Trainer was excellent and very helpful explaining things so they were understood whether this was due to only being a small class I don’t know but all in all the trainer was very good with explaining everything and showing how to do things. Very enlightening and worth going on the course would need more training on things that were not covered.”

“Helped me get a grip of the basics of illustrator and how things should be done rather that the trial and error scenario”


“She is an excellent communicator with a profound knowledge of the subject. Rebecca made difficult topics easy to understand.”


“Very patient and helpful, the course was at a really good pace and we were able to practice things that would be relevant to us. Informative, useful and clear.”
“Phillip was an excellent trainer. He was very knowledgeable and patient, and very clear in his instructions. Thank you very much for an excellent training course. The course was a brilliant introduction to InDesign. I was the only complete beginner on the course, so the pace for me was perfect, with plenty of opportunity to implement what we learnt over the 2 days.”

"Paul is an excellent trainer, he made things very relevant and easy to understand. I will so much more confident and feel I have more ideas to work on."

"Really calm, steady pace, paid attention to students who might have been struggling, not fazed by inexperience of participants on an intermediate course!, not fazed by recent upgrade to 2013 MS Project version when he had prepared for 2007."

"Dee has a very friendly manner about him and I liked his training style. I found the course easy to follow and was pleased I wasn't left with unanswered questions or feeling out of my depth. I felt Dee catered for a variety of levels within the group and although hadn't been advised MS Project 2013 was needed instead of 2007 he was able to work around this well despite being put on the spot. It was actually useful to be able to compare the differences between 2007 and 2013. All in all very impressed!"

"The course has made me significantly more confident using MS Project. The content covered all the important areas and was well presented by a trainer who was engaging and willing to provide extra support individually."

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"Exactly what it says on the tin!"

"Excellent building block to professional level MS Office package training."

"Was nervous about this training but Dee was great. Really calm and nice manner and course was well timed and at a good pace. I was not a confident excel user but felt really good and positive by the end of the session. He regularly checked in with everyone on a 1-2-1 basis to see if we were ok and there were no silly questions which was good!"

"Very good, obviously knew his stuff inside out, and was patient, and answered all questions well - well worth doing. I feel I have a much better handle on excel, and it's capabilities"

"It was very informative, I didn't realise there was so much excel could do, also the shortcuts I've picked up will be handy"

"Everything understandable and exercises to back up learning Really useful and content exact what I need for my work"

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“Really helpful and didn't make you feel stupid for not knowing the basics -- also taught shortcuts and handy hints to help save time each day etc. Lots of handy information that is actually practical as well"

"I feel we couldnt ask for a better trainer. Not only she is very knoledgeable but knows how to explain and that makes all the info make muck more sense and quick to learn."

"Extremely helpful and I have learnt a lot from today. Dee covered a lot of areas and explained each area in enough time for me to understand"

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"Very supportive and helpful trainer. Very good course and now I need to go and practice"



“The best external trainer BIG has used in a long time. Sensitive to our business needs without becoming bogged down in specifics. Excellent pace and clear explanations of concepts I previously thought were complicated. Excellent, very worthwhile for everyone's job role in BIG - it should be mandatory”

“Dee is a very engaging and capable trainer - very impressed with his relaxed presentational style and pace. A welcome change to undertake a bespoke training course using our own data instead of yet another off the shelf solution”

“Lyn was very friendly and approachable while being in control and meeting the service user’s needs. I was impressed with her professionalism and look forward to meeting with her again in the near future. Course was excellent and will be beneficial for my job role. I would recommend it to others to build confidence when using Excel software”

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“Very clear in her instruction and patient as there were different levels of ability on the team. Easy to approach and ask questions. No questions went unanswered. Great for brushing up on self-taught techniques and showing easier, simpler ways of doing things as well as handy shortcuts which can save time”

“Very impressed with the training that I have received from TrainingU. Alison had no problems in answering any questions asked. A very helpful course with lots of useful tips”

“Alison is excellent at noticing when you have missed something and is quickly able to get you back on track with the rest of the course. It teaches you about all the functions within Word at the foundation level, it’s amazing how many functions are available it’s just going to be about remembering them all”

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“Friendly, Knowledgeable & accommodating. Helps demystify what you can achieve in Excel.”

“Great at picking up on what we wanted to learn. Made sure we all covered everything even though two of us were working on an older version which was appreciated. Useful overview of various functions, directed at the appropriate level.” 
“The course was very well structured and enabled us to ask questions at any stage and improved our knowledge of Excel” 
“I am so glad I did this course, it has completely changed the way I approach certain elements of my job. I will definitely save a considerable amount of time every week now I'm able to utilise the new skills that I've learnt on the course."

“Very good pace. Very personable. Well presented. Not too rushed” 

“She understood the competence of the group and worked accordingly. Professional and well run course”

“Lovely, very easy to learn from. Feel much more confident now” 
“Good course which is useful to me and all my colleagues” 

“Appropriate pace, clear instructions, approachable and good manner very useful - the exercises were a good way of putting into practise things just learnt and therefore useful in cementing that learning”

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“The trainer was very understanding and helpful which helped me as a beginner”

“Sally was excellent, she led the course very well, kept the pace right and delivered a fantastic programme. Fantastic, and will definitely make my life easier” 
“The best trainer I have ever had. Very friendly, went over things as many times as needed. Knew her stuff, tailor made to fit all abilities”

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“Dee is an excellent trainer. He is very patient, knowledgeable and fun. Thank you to Dee for another excellent training session. The course was very well structures, and very well paced. It covered all the essential areas, with plenty of opportunity for us to practice through a mixture of activities. Thank you for another very enjoyable course”

"Dee was very attentive to all help required, no question was too silly. His pace and understanding was brilliant. Amazing that all this information was in front of me and I just didn’t know it” 
“Very informative, helpful and tailored for delegates needs. Also, great handy hints and tips! Thank you Dee. Useful and informative but will require practice after the session as there were a number of topics that were covered” 

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“IT can be very tiring, however the way the course was facilitated was excellent. Very useful now that I have a basic understanding of Excel”

“Very engaging and knowledgeable. The most fun you can have with Excel” 

“Very good trainer who was aware of everyone's needs and kept the pace appropriate throughout the day. He was very responsive and aware of when breaks were necessary. Everything taught was explained well and understood by me. Brilliant. I learnt more about excel in this day than I have in my working life” 

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“Very friendly and approachable trainer who obviously had a vast knowledge of the subject. The level of the training was perfectly pitched and I really enjoyed the course. It was enjoyable, informative and incredibly useful”

“Kevin was a fantastic trainer who was able to explain what was thought to be complex issues and made them easily understandable using his expertise of the subject. Excellent, hands-on and well structured”

“Kevin was excellent in his delivery of the course and was very amenable. He made what could be a very dry subject interesting and engaging. Well delivered”

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