"Personal, friendly and very beneficial with small tips, quick parts and also the bigger tasks to learn. Great overall covering many different areas."

"Very friendly, great team work buzz. Lots of topics covered in one day, topics that are very variable helping in more than one area. Very beneficial!"

"Penny was amazing, she answered my 500 questions that I had. She was calm and clear with helping those in the group who struggled a little. Penny made sure that everyone was clear when going through the task and understood there was differing abilities within the group."

"I would highly recommend Penny - she was AMAZING."

"This course is incredibly useful to get a clear understanding of what can be done on Excel."

"The course was very beneficial and should help me save a lot of time moving forward, Penny was a very good trainer."

"Rebecca was incredibly well suited to explaining the software to the group. Good pace, excellent knowledge, and good method of explaining."

"I would recommend the course to anyone who needs to learn how to use InDesign"

"Very practical thought processes and solutions to common productivity problems."

"Great ideas to manage time, great ways to prioritise."

"Found this course very helpful and informative.  Hope to manage my time better."


"This course will give you all the knowlege you need to use PowerPoint to a really high standard, I'm amazed what you can do with it."

"Dee was very helpful, understood and explained in detail all aspects of the questions asked. Overall the training was excellent"

"It was a pleasure to meet Lynn. She had a calm persona which made it very easy for me to ask for her assistance when I ran into difficulties."

"Dee had to put up with a lot as I was a novice and he had a lot of patience with me. Was a good course."

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“Dee is a great trainer, very patient. This course will give you all the knowledge you need to use PowerPoint to a really high standard, I’m amazed what you can do with it.”

“Dee was very good, he went over things if you were not sure and always kept confirming that everyone understood what had been taught and said. Very informative and enjoyable not boring really kept me interested.”
“Very good and helpful. Well presented. Very intense” 
“Informative but still more to learn”

"An excellent introduction to essential project planning skills."

"I thought Kevin Tarry made the group feel very comfortable, which made it easy for everybody to learn and he kept it fun and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the Microsoft Word training course and I felt I learned a lot in a single training session, I believe everything I picked up will be useful and I feel a lot more confident."

"Very informative. A lot to absorb, but didn't feel as though we were rushed. A decent even pace to the day. My only concern is being able to remember all the methods/shortcuts we learnt, although I'm sure this will be reinforced with the help manual."

"Very approachable and concerned about each individual as well as the group needs A very good introduction with helpful tips."

"Useful basic understanding of how to do things and what it can do"



 "Excellent - and Lyn dealt very well with the kids at the back of the class (aka our directors!)  Extremely useful and likely to encourage a thinking process as to how best to apply these new skills to the benefit of both the business and to make our workload lighter"

"Lyn made quite a long day go quite quickly and a potentially dry subject, interesting. Good atmosphere and feedback throughout the session. User friendly and effective learning"

"Very informative and eye-opening, the course was carried out at a steady pace so no one got left behind and Lyn was always on hand to assist when asked"

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“Very helpful and easy to apply to my role at work”

“Laura was polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She tailored the course to our specific needs and delivered at a good pace. Brilliant”

“Laura Curtis was a lovely lady, very helpful and explained all clearly. Very good course, all basic knowledge covered” 
“Our trainer was lovely and made it very easy to learn. :) Course was really good - had a really good day and learnt a lot of helpful tips that I will use daily”

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