“Really helpful and patient with us. Had a good calming attitude and did not take training to seriously. She also made it interesting and not boring. Excellent training. I have learnt a lot and would defiantly go back for more training” 

“Very approachable, friendly and adapted well to the needs of the overall group. Well put together, well presented, adaptable to the group. I would like to have another one with more advanced content” 
“Brilliant! Explained everything clearly and in an easy to understand manner. Kept our interest and made the day both educational and fun. Thank you :) Excellent. Covered a majority of topics in an easy to understand manner and we were all able to follow, despite differing levels of prior knowledge”

“Penny was very flexible in her approach, very friendly and easy to understand” 
“Very good, explained well and nice manner - didn't make you feel silly if you didn't understand straight away! Very worthwhile. Penny was an excellent trainer”
“Very patient and answered every question v well. Great course pitched precisely at the level I needed” 
“Couldn't be better. Very useful refresher of some of the basics and learnt about some new features which I didn't use before” 
“Penny is very friendly, approachable, patient and helpful. Excellent trainer! Great summary of all daily Excel must knows to save time!” 
“Thank you for a very informative class. Lots crammed into one day but very informative”
“Fantastic. Made it all very interesting and easy to understand. Thank you! A knowledge boosting Excel training course for intermediates that will fill in any gaps in your skills and give you brand new levels of confidence."
“Was useful to refresh memory. Learned the couple of things I was never used previously” 
“Very clear and concise. I felt we covered a lot of topics but it didn't feel rushed. I feel the course has given me the confidence to use Excel a lot more and incorporate into my work” 
“Very interesting to be able to learn how the different option and buttons work on the Ribbon in a training environment”
“Lovely person. Great to approach and to understand. Took the time to listen for special requests and questions and took the time to go round to people and help them personally. Good to put into practice” 
“As previously mentioned, Penny is an excellent trainer with excellent communication skills. Excellent refresh and leading onto new tools and techniques - thank you”

“Very helpful and happy to answer questions along the way and patient when you could not do something always willing to help” 
“Very technical, but very helpful. Penny has a lot of time for all needs in the group and a very high standard of knowledge to help with all of our questions” 
“Easy to understand, very patient and encouraging - Thank you Penny! Easy to understand and very helpful, flexible and tailored to your needs” 
“Fabulous trainer, we love Penny!! Very useful with our day to day processes”