SSI Europe UK Limited

“This has been a very enjoyable and informative training, and delivered very well by the trainer, who has been clear & helpful. The information in this training has been communicated very effectively. Informative, engaging, practical and effective.”
“Very useful course which I would recommend to anyone using Excel, even if they don't use it a lot. The course helps to make functions, which would otherwise seem complicated, really easy to use.”

“Really fun and informative. Interactive environment that maximised the learning experience. Have learnt lots of new information that I will be able to apply to help me in my day to day working role.” 


“Excellent, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, patient, good communicator. Informative, useful, flexible (trainer willing to show anything requested), relevant, up to date.”
“Full of tips and new features that we can use in our daily work”
“Really helpful and gives you confidence in using Excel Spreadsheets more efficiently.”
“An excellent insight into the advanced features of Excel and applying it in the SREV environment.” 

“Alan took the class at a nice pace and made it very easy to follow and understand. Thank You. Very useful and helpful”
“Friendly, Knowledgeable and easy to understand. Interesting, Fulfilling and Complete”
“Great trainer with a big knowledge. The course is a great way for understanding and learning more about the functions of Excel.” 
“Fantastic course, well worth a day off the sales floor! This is going to save me hours of work!” 
“Very good trainer very useful because it gave me more knowledge about this good tool” 
“Extremely useful, feeling like I was missing a lot and this will enable me to be far more efficient when using Excel” 
“Fantastic. Alan is a star. Essentially a complete change to my daily work routine.” 
“Straight forward course with lots of useful exercises cases for each topic discussed during the session. Useful, entertaining and empowering” 
“Great, any questions we had they were answered and it was a rally relaxed atmosphere. On other excel training you can feel under pressure to keep up especially if you have made a mistake” 
“He was very helpful and everything was understandable. Useful for our job and personal development.”

“Great Trainer, Good Knowledge, Kept people focused. Great learning experience, definitely will be useful for my job” 
“He was great. He was a nice person, could explain things very well and helped out wherever needed. Very helpful for my job”