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"Paul was extremely patient and understood completely what I needed to achieve. I would highly recommend him."

"Tailor-made to meet our needs. It helped that we were a group of two but it moved at our pace and covered the stuff we wanted it to."


"A good overview of the key areas of excel and how to improve your efficiency in a simple manner."

"Really helpful course which ran at a good pace for me for most of the day. Definitely learnt some good tips which hopefully will assist in the office once I'm using my own spreadsheets."

“An excellent 'basics to excel' training with a passionate teacher who was clear and concise with everything taught"

"I personally thought the trainer was very good, he took his time to explain the more complex tasks and assisted everyone who needed help. He spoke clearly and taught the course in plain English which can be difficult. I would definitely recommend him to my peers, internal and external."

"Very informative and a great base on which to build and use my excel knowledge in my day to day duties. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to gain a greater understand of the technicalities and uses of Excel and how they can be applied to daily tasks."

"Kevin was excellent and easy to talk to. He also has a lot of patience to teach and make me understand what I was doing. 10 out of 10. Very impressed and happy with the level of his knowledge and approach to teaching"

“Very good, providing a useful grounding in using Access databases.” 
“All content covered thoroughly plus questions answered that may have been at a higher level but were relevant to our role.”

"The trainer was really lovely, extremely helpful and is always willing to answer questions and help with anything you are unsure of.  This course was really useful as a basic introduction into Excel: I have learnt lots of things to help me save time in my daily work where I would have gone about things the longer way before. I know there is lots to learn and i would be keen to learn more in the future"

"Carolynne was a very good trainer, who kept the course interesting whilst professional at all times. The course will really help in my day to day job, it will mean that I can get tasks completed more efficiently and with more accurate detail"

"Very approachable and varied pace to suit needs of everyone on the course. Allowed time for discussion of how the training could be applied in real life situation. Well paced, good content and very educational"

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“Excellent. Easy to follow and learned lots of useful hints and tips which will save me so much time in future”

“Very professional, informative, clearly presented and enjoyable”

“Tailored to our needs, very flexible training.”

"Karen was great! Really friendly, patient and approachable. Excellent manner with all the skills required to be a good trainer. Overall this was very useful training"

"Very Helpful Thank you Very informative in a relaxed environment and suitable for all technical abilities"

"A very useful introduction to office 365's functionality. As a remote user it will help me access and share information in a more dynamic way."

"A very useful introduction to office 365's functionality. As a remote user it will help me access and share information in a more dynamic way."

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“Alex is fantastic. Keeps your interest and is very helpful and informative. This will change my life! This is something I should have done a year ago and my work life would have been so much easier and would have saved me so much time.”

“Very helpful and entertaining. Really would love another course with him! Very well for such a short course.”
“Overall excellent Very good systematic approach to the topics covered.” 
“Clear and easy to understand. Great”

“I have found today very interesting it has made me aware of parts of Excel that I was unaware of and will speed up my work and taught me other important parts of excel that I did not know or felt confident in” 
“Excellent!!! Very much worth it.”

“She was very friendly and knowledgeable. She kept to a good pace in order for everyone to keep up and was able to help if necessary Very useful and knowledgeable” 
“Dee was incredibly helpful and patient with each of us. Very clear to understand. The Excel Intermediate course gives you insight and hands on practice into some of the software's capabilities - which seem to be endless.  Even though I am not a skilled user, I feel like I have learned a considerable amount which will help me in my day”

“Having myself been a system trainer at previous jobs, I found Alex training skills excellent. Training delivery was very professional, thorough, clear and extremely helpful. Many thanks! I came to the course not realising how much I would get from it. I would recommend the course to everyone, included those who think they know Excel!” 
“Knowledgeable trainer. Liked the format of the class (each student being provided with a laptop). I found the exercises quite useful.”

“Mr Walters was really helpful and asked us all what we find difficult in our everyday use of Excel so we could cover these in more detail. He was very patient and understanding. It was a pleasant and warm atmosphere. I found the course really interesting and have found I will look forward to using Excel more.”

“Alex was great fun, easy to ask for help and very patient. Really enjoyed her style of training. But it was so nice not to feel silly when made a mistake or got stuck. So so worth coming on and has helped me so much in my role. Alex was a fab teacher and has helped me very much. It is going to save me so much time now I know how to do things properly”

“Excellent trainer, very friendly and helpful a concise course covering all aspects of Excel in a short amount of time” 
“Dee was very knowledgeable and provided solutions to questions asked and geared the training around our requirements. Very good” 

“Very informative, lots of useful tips and shortcuts.” 

"Laura was very clear and very helpful, very easy to understand Useful, helpful and easy to understand” 
 “It was extremely useful and has helped me to 'fill in' some of the gaps so to speak that I didn't know. It will save me plenty of time and will make my work a lot easier.”
“A great refresher to excel and useful reminder. Also a great introduction to some of the new functions on this updated version of Excel”

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“Penny is a fantastic trainer and is very patient. Informative and Excel Made Simple”
“Made a difficult subject very easy to understand. Practical and informative” 
“Knowledgeable. Explained things with detail and made it interesting and enjoyable Thank you Informative and enjoyable”

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“Very clear. Very well paced. Useful, insightful and genuinely interesting”
“Easy to understand and follow” 
“Very helpful, and well delivered and easy to follow

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“Very useful for people with very little to no Excel use”
“Helpful and friendly, open to individual needs, great thanks. Engaging and informative”
“Denise was very helpful with everything, she explained things very well and made it easier and simpler for me to understand. She has a good knowledge of Excel and uses that to her advantage to help people with less of a knowledge. Helpful, important, relevant to work related events, success, gained information which was not already known”

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“Very helpful and easy to understand. Very useful and productive use of time”
“Very patient, easy to understand, clear and concise. Overall great - informative, easy to understand, information delivered clearly”

“Very professional and thorough, good at explaining difficulties. Thorough and precise”

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“Really helpful and patient with us. Had a good calming attitude and did not take training to seriously. She also made it interesting and not boring. Excellent training. I have learnt a lot and would defiantly go back for more training” 

“Very approachable, friendly and adapted well to the needs of the overall group. Well put together, well presented, adaptable to the group. I would like to have another one with more advanced content” 
“Brilliant! Explained everything clearly and in an easy to understand manner. Kept our interest and made the day both educational and fun. Thank you :) Excellent. Covered a majority of topics in an easy to understand manner and we were all able to follow, despite differing levels of prior knowledge”

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“This has been a very enjoyable and informative training, and delivered very well by the trainer, who has been clear & helpful. The information in this training has been communicated very effectively. Informative, engaging, practical and effective.”
“Very useful course which I would recommend to anyone using Excel, even if they don't use it a lot. The course helps to make functions, which would otherwise seem complicated, really easy to use.”

“Really fun and informative. Interactive environment that maximised the learning experience. Have learnt lots of new information that I will be able to apply to help me in my day to day working role.” 

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“Very nice guy, always very helpful and set a good pace. Very helpful VBA course”

“Too short. But very helpful in getting to grips with the basics. I would probably need another 2 days to be fully confident with using Excel VBA and I will definitely be booking the next level course”

“Very useful, quite in depth and will take practice to make the skills perfect”