Galderma UK Ltd

“Laura was excellent and easily the most knowledgeable IT trainer I have ever had. She had a lovely teaching manner, fantastic pace and was adaptable to my learning style. She is an absolute asset to TrainingU and I would recommend her to anyone requiring. Best ever IT course, with first-rate trainer, Laura.”
“Unlocks potential to do so much more with our data in such a quick and accurate way”
“Very well spoken and very easy to understand and follow It has given me more confidence to use the formulas and will help me understand spreadsheets that are sent out to me for my own use”

“The trainer took on board things we already knew and assisted in areas we struggled in more, ensuring we got to grips with them. He also asked at the beginning of the day things we wanted to get out of the day and ensured we achieved these wants and needs of the group.” 

“Very communicative, patient, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and able to make things that might be boring sound actually interesting. I am feeling confident and the rest is practice. The training was great. I've learnt what Excel can do for me to streamline this part of my job that has to do with data. I am actually quite looking forward to implementing knowledge gained today in the future.”

“My trainer was really lovely, understood my needs, and how it would help me with larger spreadsheets. It was really helpful, and filled in some blanks in my knowledge of Excel.”
“Alan was brilliant and enabled all levels to keep up with each other Brilliant. Confusing excel is no longer... To a certain level :-)” 
“Excellent course, really worthwhile, wish I would have completed this course years ago, would love to do a re-fresh once a year”

“Totally fab. Spoke at my level and really helped me understand. It's going to make me work SMART and TIGHTER....brilliant guy” 
“Very insightful. Good pace that allowed me to take in the technical knowledge accordingly and allowed me to learn at a steady pace.” 
“Excellent - really met my needs. All topics covered will be useful in my day to day role.” 

“Excellent, informative and at a great pace with excellent one on one assistance when needed.”
“Very accommodating to the range of needs. Good course a lot of information, would serve me better to spend time on revisiting the main points” 
“Really good pace, able to answer all questions, very patient. Excellent. Has improved my ability to work at a higher level on excel”