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“Good introduction to new features of excel. Gave me the confidence to use excel more effectively”
“The course certainly covered everything that I would need in my current job role and will certainly save me many hours over the year from wasting time on simple tasks that I now know”

“He explained everything in a way that was easily understood. I've learnt a lot today that I didn't previously know which I can put in to practise every day at work. THANK YOU :-)”

“I use Excel a lot, and thought that I had most of the skills already, however the course did learn me a lot of helpful tips :)” 

“Excellent, cured me of being click happy. I really enjoyed the course, excellent” 

“I feel that the way the course was delivered was excellent. It covered a great deal of the day to day uses I would have for the software. This will save me time and cut down on the amount of hair I pull out ;0)” 
“Very patient, and managed to support different abilities. Practical solutions for everyday problems”