“Dee was very easy to understand, the pace the course followed was very steady even for a more or less beginner like me. The format was detailed enough and executed to our level, so we could follow each part. Very well run and informative”

“Dee is fab :-). He’s a very patient trainer, that's why we always ask for him. Imparts his knowledge and skill with ease and in an understandable manner. Would definitely recommend him to everyone. Wonderful, useful and easy to understand course and the trainers we get with TrainingU make all the difference”

“Absolutely first class. The trainer got the pace just right, was supportive and knowledgeable. I learnt some key skills and would love to go through the intermediate course ASAP. Fantastic if you need to go over the basics. I'm glad I did as I think I will get a lot more out of the intermediate modules now”

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“It was a good course for learning more about the options and short cuts, some of the course was probably a little bit too basic for my needs. It could have been condensed into a shorter time frame (1/2 day)? The Trainer was very good, approachable”

“Great trainer! Very easy to understand”

“Well presented; professional and helpful trainer and this course was a good refresher”

“Really informative and helpful - just what I was hoping for!” 

 “Very easy to follow, good pace, approachable and extremely knowledgeable! Worthwhile”


"VERY impressed with Gill - down to earth persona so no embarrassment or shyness about admitting a lack of ability, good sense of humour (definitely a plus point when you're all in the same room for a full day!) and a very good teacher - I'd have benefited from a similar teaching style at school! Gill made it very easy to understand and very interesting to learn! Ten out of ten :-)"

"Very helpful and I have taken away some valuable shortcuts which will save a great deal of time"

"Very informative but also extremely interesting, useful, and applicable - quite often, training you receive on courses doesn't tend to sink in but I'm confident that I know what to do following this course!"

"Excellent insight into elements of Excel I didn't even know existed!"

"Paul was very knowledgeable and personable. Having a 1-to-1 session, I was delighted to be able to work on personal examples"

“Dee is approachable, friendly and knowledgeable about this subject. I would definitely recommend his training. It was a big help to me professionally”

“Excellent - friendly and very helpful trainer. Great course, I would recommend highly!"

“Dee was very friendly and approachable and very helpful. I really enjoyed this Microsoft PowerPoint course”

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“Dee was an excellent trainer and very patient and good with explaining the programme. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you TrainingU, it was excellent and very useful”

“Dee has the patience of a saint, he is an excellent teacher and he is an asset to TrainingU. Excellent”

“This training will be useful for my role both now and in the future”

“This was a practical course which is far better than any presentations particularly when looking to pick up these sorts of skills.  Thank You! Perfect”

 “Great - thank you. Great course, very useful - thank you” 

“Great trainer, very helpful, met my needs in content and pace”
“Very helpful, good pace, great trainer”

“Excellent very useful and better equips me to handle and evaluate/present data” 

“Concise but thorough and paced to suit all attendees” 
“Excellent day - thank you Kevin! Full on, fun, informative”

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“Good introduction to new features of excel. Gave me the confidence to use excel more effectively”
“The course certainly covered everything that I would need in my current job role and will certainly save me many hours over the year from wasting time on simple tasks that I now know”

“He explained everything in a way that was easily understood. I've learnt a lot today that I didn't previously know which I can put in to practise every day at work. THANK YOU :-)”

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“Concise, informative and such an improvement on 2003 currently using” 
“The trainer was very relaxed and informal but maintained good control and engagement with the trainees. I really enjoyed this course” 
“Friendly, helpful, completely happy to answer all our questions. Very patient. Informative and fascinating!”

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