Cascade (UK) Ltd

“I have a sent a letter to the Pope asking for Karen to be made a saint. She certainly had the patience of one! Computing for dummies explained in the easiest of ways even I understood”
“Excellent very helpful, looking forward to using what I have learned”
“Very useful and correctly pitched for the knowledge of those attending”

“Covers all aspects of the course and then attributes them to your individual requirements. Also goes the extra mile to teach areas not covered but requested by the learner. Very good, certainly met my expectations” 
“Karen was very calm, explained everything in detail, very patient when showing exercises, excellent Tutor, very informative. Very happy with this course, and will help so much in my every day working” 
“She was really knowledgeable, friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Really good if you just want to brush up your skills or are new to Excel” 
“Very helpful, easily explained examples, and kept the course at a steady pace. Felt positive when leaving and confident enough to try new options on Excel”