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“Very good presentation and pace informative and interesting” 
“Excellent trainer, very well presented. This is a good course to learn new things about Excel.” 
“Alex was very helpful and answered any questions we had. She was very thorough with her explanations. It was very helpful. I have learnt a few things that will now help me be more competent in my job.”

“I would highly recommend Alex as a trainer. She was extremely knowledgeable as well as being personable and patient. Hope to come along to Advanced training and to have Alex as the trainer!” 
“Informative, interesting and easy to get to grips with due to lots of practical work.” 
“Very well presented course. I was apprehensive before the course about being unable to keep up but this was very soon dispelled, excellent.”
“A very good course for people who already know Excel from a self-taught basis, and who want to be shown how to use excel correctly.” 
“Lovely professional lady. Great refresh and update on existing knowledge” 
“Very good teacher/trainer fast paced and very informative - well worth doing! I have some colleagues who are considering doing the same course and I have strongly recommended it”