“Excellent, was able to answer all my questions very informative and personable. Very informative has left me wanting to go away and trial out all my new tools for my job.”

"Jacki was very nice and easy to understand, she knows her field very well and was very clear in explaining anything we asked. Very good experience and I wish every trainer in the future was as professional as Jacki."

“Very clear instructions. Helpful and patient. Very knowledgeable and there were no questions that he could not answer. Made it a very pleasurable experience. Very informative” 

 “Very approachable and easy to talk to. Very interesting. Really good.”
“Fabulous made me feel completely at ease, I feel that I have learnt a lot of hint tips and knowledge, made the day enjoyable Excellent, easy to understand”


“Overall an excellent course.  The trainer was very accommodating and approachable. Informative. Met my objectives. Interesting. Varied range of topics covered”

“Very Informative & Patient. Very Informative as only have basic laptop skills” 
“Well presented and informative” 
“Very good, worked at the pace I felt comfortable at”
“Excellent, perfectly paced. Great trainer, great pace, great course.” 
“He created a good training environment. Well worthwhile. No fault found.”

“Excellent, very helpful, would enjoy being taught by the same tutor again. Well worth doing, was made to feel very at ease”

“Very helpful, nothing too much trouble, very patient, had to deal with a great range of levels which I think he managed very well and to everyone’s satisfaction. Well worth the time out of the office.  Even if you are a more advanced user, you pick up some useful tips”

“Kept us engaged, made it enjoyable and informative enjoyable, informative” 
“Very good, easy to understand. Very good and informative” 
“He explained things very clearly and if needed recovered points where needed. Very Good and I would like to have had more time with the course”

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“Good trainer, very easy way to learn in relaxed environment” 
“She was very clear about everything and understanding very helpful” 

“Sally has helped me understand Excel a lot more and I found her very helpful and it was easy to follow her tasks if I did not understand she would then explain again and help. I found the course was very helpful and I have a good understanding of Excel. This training will help when completing stock sheets from various of customers, I have also learnt a lot of shortcuts which will be handy and will save a bit of time” 

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“I have a sent a letter to the Pope asking for Karen to be made a saint. She certainly had the patience of one! Computing for dummies explained in the easiest of ways even I understood”
“Excellent very helpful, looking forward to using what I have learned”
“Very useful and correctly pitched for the knowledge of those attending”

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“Paul was excellent. He dealt with our rather chaotic start of not really knowing who would turn up on the day and what level they would be. I didn't even know that I'd be able to attend until the day. Very enjoyable. It was a good refresher and I discovered many new features too.”
“Very good, it met my expectations. Paul was able to resolve all my queries.” 
“Very good well laid out course. Met all my needs. Well-presented and any problems are explained one to one”

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"Really beneficial – the whole office should do this!"

"Very insightful and thought provoking.  Would love to learn more around coaching."

“Time to reflect on how I manage how and what could be done differently or better."

"Clear, thorough, helpful.  I feel I am armed to do more and be better now, thanks to TrainingU."

“The programme comprehensively brought clarity to a wide range of work-related topics, which will not only make me a better manager, but a better leader and better worker."

"Jo was an excellent facilitator and I felt I left the workshop with a number of actions to improve my own performance as a manager and my teams performance."

"I have learnt the skills needed to try to draw out the best of individual members of my team"

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“Paul has a gift for training! Started from basics but never bored me, learning new things as we went on”

“Like the Trainer said you are not going to learn French in a day”

“Very good presentation and pace informative and interesting” 
“Excellent trainer, very well presented. This is a good course to learn new things about Excel.” 
“Alex was very helpful and answered any questions we had. She was very thorough with her explanations. It was very helpful. I have learnt a few things that will now help me be more competent in my job.”

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