"Jo was absolutely brilliant as helping us understand the content and our own personal issues and weaknesses.  I am now highly confident in preparing and structuring my presentations, assessing my audience and adapting to their style.  I will also be more aware now of difficult situations arising and how to handle them.  Overall I am just more confident and resourceful"

"This course is essential for anyone who has to present. I wish I had attended this course years ago.  Thank you so much, you have made a massive difference to me"

"Jo had everything - she was informative, supportive and thorough.  She made the course enjoyable, stimulating and exciting.  This programme has given me an insight into how to make my presentations more engaging.  It has definitely made me feel more confident in putting together presentations using different ideas and themes"

"I have really enjoyed today, Jo was amazing and I have learnt so much, especially with regards to overcoming my nerves.  Putting myself in uncomfortable situations, such as reading the quote, showed me I can handle them. I'll be sure to remember to breathe, slow down and improve my body language"

"The trainer was stimulating, thorough and supportive. The live evaluation was great - I am more confident in researching, preparing and using different delivery methods"

"I felt this course was extremely helpful and interesting.  I especially loved all the little activities to boost our confidence - like "Winston Churchill"

"This course was a real eye opener into how to actually deliver a presentation rather than simply leaving PowerPoint to give the information. I will structure my presentations better now and use objectives and messages in the presentation"

"What a worthwhile, absorbing and memorable course.  I now feel I have some useful tools and greater confidence to deliver informative and enjoyable presentations in the future"

"This course was engaging in all areas.  That, on top of the live practice sessions make it much easier to retain what we learnt.  I feel more confident, not just in presentations, but in client training or when demonstrating to a large or medium sized crowd"

"This course has shown me that I need to reduce my use of PowerPoint (can it go on a T-shirt?) and to work on my body language.  The honest feedback of fellow delegates gave a great insight into my presentation skills and my confidence has improved as well as my abilities"

"The trainer was fantastic, really helpful, supportive and insightful. The entire course was practical, enjoyable and will be easy to apply, thanks to the live practice sessions with honest feedback.  I have learnt how to deliver an engaging presentation to stakeholders"

"The theory and practicality of this course is fantastic.  I felt underprepared for the second presentation and that made it difficult, which proved the importance of preparation.  I will definitely think about how to design and deliver an impactful presentation"

"This was an excellent course with interesting and useful activities.  I have found that my confidence and skills have increased from this day long course.  The range of activities helped me gain confidence and the constructive feedback early on helped me identify what improvements were required"

"I really enjoyed the day, Jo gave us some really quick wins and other stuff to take away and work on.  Excellent, practical activities made it a great day"

"I am far more confident in my presentation skills, Jo gave us some great tips about what to do and what not to do.  The feedback from Jo was invaluable, thank you"

"I learnt some very practical techniques which I will be able to put to use immediately, such as how to keep people engaged through structure, objectives, message and summarising throughout and at end. Also breathing techniques, pausing the candle technique and the power stance"

"This course really made me think a lot about confidence, breathing and what I was doing wrong.  Lots of tips now to add to my presentations"

"Great session - everyone provides real time, honest feedback and encourages you, which makes you feel far more comfortable"

"Seeing others on the same journey and working together really helped.  The feedback was both positive and constructive.  It really boosted my confidence and I now feel like I can deliver a great presentation"