Leisure Hospitality

"Lots of fun, considering it was excel. I was thinking it wouldn't be that exciting but it was."

“Extremely friendly and took time showing individuals who were struggling but didn't hold up the exercises for individuals who understood the topic."

"Great skills to have learnt and can't believe how long I've spent doing things that will be so quick now!"

"Really professional and delivered, very educational, well paced and a positive learning delivery"

"Dee was extremely professional and attentive throughout the whole day.  He slowed the training down when delegates were struggling to understand/keep up and flowed through things when the room showed good understanding.  I would recommend Dee and TrainingU wholeheartedly.  The training was relaxed, informative and detailed enough to understand, make notes and follow up with"

"Very flexible in approach to the training session. We were able to ask questions/ask for suggestions during the session instead of just having to sit and listen to the trainer. Very interactive. Informative, easy to follow and flexible on content.” 
“Enabled you to do job more effectively by having the relevant skills”

"Alex was amazing - Very personable and a great trainer. She made the course very relevant and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her / this course / TrainingU to my colleagues. The whole day was easy to understand and very useful”

“Laura was very friendly and helpful. Assisted with any queries we had and made the course enjoyable. The course teaches you very useful techniques that you weren't aware were possible in PowerPoint”

“Laura was very thorough and easy to understand. She kept it very interesting and made me feel comfortable if I didn't understand something. The course was very informative and interesting. I had no idea that PowerPoint could do so many things!”

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“Very knowledgeable and approachable. Adapted the training to suit my work environment. Found out what I wanted to learn and we covered those topics. Great to get the basics of letter/ report writing.” 
“Alex explained well and was very helpful with handy tips Very helpful” 
“Very helpful and patient. Covered all personal objectives. Very helpful, a good refresh and way to pick up shortcuts you wouldn't know.”

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"I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.  I feel a lot more confident in being assertive now during my every day tasks at work."

"Jo was absolutely brilliant as helping us understand the content and our own personal issues and weaknesses.  I am now highly confident in preparing and structuring my presentations, assessing my audience and adapting to their style.  I will also be more aware now of difficult situations arising and how to handle them.  Overall I am just more confident and resourceful"

"This course is essential for anyone who has to present. I wish I had attended this course years ago.  Thank you so much, you have made a massive difference to me"

"Jo had everything - she was informative, supportive and thorough.  She made the course enjoyable, stimulating and exciting.  This programme has given me an insight into how to make my presentations more engaging.  It has definitely made me feel more confident in putting together presentations using different ideas and themes"

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"The Presentation skills training we receive from TrainingU is excellent, well delivered and the trainer is exceptional."

"Today has been really valuable, Jo was great."

"It was fantastic.  Goes far beyond simply 'how to present'.  It was all encompassing, thought provoking and brilliant!"

"Interactive and engaging session that will help my team serve up great memories in their day to day job."

"It's refreshed new skills from our previous training session. Learnt new skills to implement in my job."

"I will be more confident on the phone, using positive words only."

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"I have learnt that my strengths can have a negative effect on others if not used correctly."

"The programme has really helped me be confident and think on the spot for different complicated situations."

"This training has bought new light to situation never really thought about i.e body language can be a very big impact on how we express ourselves. Thank you."

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"I feel confident in my approach with dealing with various challenged in managing the team and create a genuinely high performing team."

"The course was enjoyable and informative and 1 have benefited greatly from it."

"I can now identify and understand the different types of people in my team to help me manage them better."

"The training we receive from TrainingU is excellent, well delivered and the trainers are exceptional. The overall feedback on the courses is always excellent and the delegates often request to be enrolled onto the next level straight away. TrainingU is very professional in all aspects of training and also the administration that goes with each training course. I would have no hesitation in recommending TrainingU."

“Superb facilitation and excellent communication skills. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop. High five to Laura, super job. Absolutely first class” 
“My trainer was very knowledgeable and went through every part of the course in substantial detail. She took her time to answer any questions we had and was open to building other training requirements into her session. The team asked plenty of questions. Very useful and will aid me in my day to day job making tasks and pulling data much simpler”
“The trainer and team were fab."

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“Gave an insight in my current management skills and how to improve on these skills."

"This has been a brilliant day and really engaging.  I will take home a lot of advice and actions of how to implement learnings.  I will benefit a lot through new ways to use my to do lists/organise emails etc."

“Paul was fabulous and made things easy to understand through tailoring the training content so it was relevant to us and we could then see clear opportunities where we will use what we learnt. Very useful and just what we needed”

“Great trainer. It is always difficult to keep a happy medium going with different levels of expertise and learning styles presented by delegates. On reflection - I will have a better idea in a few weeks when I have had time to practise what I have learnt”