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“I thought that Alex was a great trainer and went at a speed that was easy to follow. She was also very approachable if you needed to ask questions. I found the course very interesting and was able to use to brush up skills I knew and also ones that are new”
“Very helpful and willing to relate the functions to real work place needs/issues. Very helpful. Little tips just in themselves can make a big difference!” 

“Really nice and explained really confidently and concisely. Had an answer for everything quickly. Penny was really good even if she has just come back off holiday. Brilliant”

“Very clear, excellent visual guidance. Learnt a lot of useful points to use in Excel”
“Dee was really helpful and good to work with. Overall very good and informative”
"Very nice guy, very approachable, a good teacher. Very useful and should improve production at work”
“Excellent. Good pace, useful topics and very handy to be able to have files afterwards to help remind you of topics”
“Very good and professional. Excellent, useful and engaging” 
“Very helpful, and very attentive to your queries. Educational”
“Thank you very much for an excellent training course. Knowledge gained from this course will help myself in the workplace
“Very good! Learn a lot and wish I went on this course earlier”
“Dee was a very friendly man and easy to approach if you had a problem. He explained things very well so I could understand them. Very useful and informative”
“Excellent and easy to understand. Excellent and extremely informative” 

 “Very good and helped with questions out of the training plan. Very good and will save time and money by cutting down time”
“Very patient and helpful Very good probably need more time to learn much more about Excel”

"I would describe this course as a really good platform for learning more advanced skills within excel, and also a refresher for some of the previous courses."

"Unmissable for anyone who uses Excel in their day-to-day working."