"Great course that helped me acknowledge key areas for improvement and improve them immediately.  The course has you engaged from the outset, there's no way anyone can take a back seat, so you can only gain from the experience.  The opportunity to practice new techniques in a safe environment is tremendous in terms of ensuring we use what is taught, left to do it or the first time in the real world and it probably wouldn't happen"

"Feedback from other delegates and the trainer was great - Also learnt the audience are the most important people, so please them first "

"Excellent content that will help me no-end in preparing better and more impactful presentations in the future"

"This programme has helped me to understand how to structure a presentation and how to deliver it to good effect."

"Honest feedback enables you to understand where to improve.  Learning new method to engage the audience and maintain their interest all essential tools"

"Great training, full of insights and new ideas"

"The course was great.  It is challenging, reveals your weaknesses" and helps you to convert them into advantages.  Really useful tips and information to build and present slides."

"I think I feel more confident or at least know how to deal with nerves."