“Very helpful. It allowed me to brush-up on skills that I had maybe forgotten about, ensured that I was more confident when using excel and allowed me to learn more functions etc . I especially like the fact that a reference guide is sent to us.. I definitely will need it in the future"

“I have really enjoyed the training day . It has given me greater knowledge of Excel and what it can do to help in my role as Accountant. It hopefully will enable me to be more confident when using Excel. The trainer was very very good."

“Easy to understand and absolutely vital for anyone who uses excel"

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"I will manage my time better by being more assertive"

"The course has been insightful and thought provoking.  I feel the tools/methods given can be used in my work environment."

"Feel I can be more confident with being assertive, will become more organised with my lists."

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“Very good Interesting” 
“Well prepared, organised, easy to understand, explained easy, Efficient, well informed, well prepared” 
“Very good - many thanks good delivery and new understand of valuable, time saving tips”

“Very efficient and clear delivery. Found out about individual experience and needs of each candidate and adapted the presentation accordingly. A full-on day's learning but it was fun too. A very hands-on training day - the experience of which will prove very useful in future.” 
Clear and understanding with a nice approach which was at the right pace for us all. Enjoyable, interesting and very useful”