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If someone said to you that you could save 18-working days per year by taking a one day training course for £245, you would probably ask where to sign. Well it's a fact - TrainingU have received over 5,000 customer surveys indicating that our Excel Intermediate course saves on average 3-hours per week.

Which level do you need?

To maximise your investment in training, it's vital that you pre-qualify the knowledge of your staff to ascertain the most appropriate level of training required. Great news, TrainingU take all this costly hassle away. We have a simple 5-10 min online Skills Assessment, saving you hours of administration.

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18 days


Microsoft Excel Courses


Sprint learning sessions

A series of high impact 90-minute training sessions to provide the relevant knowledge needed to boost performance whilst reducing time out of the company workflow.


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  • We can confirm the course you need through our unique online Skills Assessment
  • We will deliver your training in the way you want
  • It will be at a competitive price
  • We will provide lifetime support
  • We will give you your money back if we don't keep all of our promises!