With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 7 and ceasing to support Office 2010 in October, is your business prepared?

To protect your business from security threats such as hacking, you’ll be aware that it’s a good idea to move to a newer version of Windows. Likewise with Office 2010 later this year.

How will you ensure business as usual when you upgrade?

When you transition to new software, it can be a headache getting staff up to speed so that they can continue with their roles with minimum downtime.

Office 365 and its integrated apps and services are a major step change for many businesses and many of our clients are looking for training and support with:

  • Overview of Office 365
  • Document Management using OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams

If these are some of your pain points, get in touch to hear more about how we can help.

We’ll take the stress out of your upgrade

We’re passionate about providing high quality training, support and software rollouts to ensure your staff hit the ground running when you move to new software.

We use a range of tools to support you with rolling out new software:

  • Awareness Sessions – Running awareness sessions in the build-up to live day is a great way to create excitement and get staff up to speed with the new software.
  • Floorwalking – Floorwalking supports users on live day and the immediate period following the migration. We provide a team of trainers to support small teams right through to global rollouts.
  • Tech Bars/Drop-Ins – We set up ‘Tech Bars’ or ‘Drop-Ins’ around the office for staff to drop by and ask questions as they arise or get help with a complex query.
  • Support Materials – We provide a suite of online tools such as quick reference guides and videos to embed learning following a training session of for those who haven’t been able to attend a session.

Considering Upgrading?

If you’re considering upgrading or have recently upgraded, get in touch to find out how we can help.


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