Software Upgrades
Whether you are implementing Office 365 or upgrading to a new version of Office e.g. Office 2013 to 2016, TrainingU can provide an effective training solution.

Software Upgrades

Microsoft Office version upgrades

Are you or your organisation upgrading its Microsoft Office software to ensure your business is operating at optimum efficiency?

Whether you are implementing Office 365 or upgrading to a new version of Office e.g. Office 2013 to 2016, TrainingU can provide an effective training solution, either at your premises (within or away from the work-flow) or at our own training venue, to ensure you or your staff are up to speed to work confidently both during and after the upgrade.

A typical Microsoft version upgrade may include multiple changes and enhancements to the user interface, many designed to make the user experience more efficient. Although designed to be intuitive, without training and a clear understanding of these upgrades the user will often experience a loss in productivity and output during the initial few months of use.

TrainingU cover all of what's new and improved, both in terms of functionality and features, during the transition and focus particularly on the users real working requirements to maximise productivity in the shortest possible time to improve performance and deliver more profit to your bottom line.

To discuss your particular Microsoft Office Upgrade training, please call our Microsoft App experts on 0333 344 6630

Other In-house or bespoke software upgrades

TrainingU have undertaken a wide variety of training projects to roll-out new or upgraded software across a workforce.

If you are implementing upgrades to an alternative OEM software (non-Microsoft Office) or your own tailor-made system software and you require a rapid adoption by your staff, why not enlist TrainingU as your training resource.

We will send a training expert to understand the software, the system, your exact staff upskilling needs and your timescales and then produce a competitive proposal for executing the project through to completion.

TrainingU will work with you to implement the most cost effective and efficient solution, whether that be within or away from the workflow, whatever works best for you in the circumstances, saving you time and valuable resources to enable you to continue your focus on the most important aspects of your business.

To discuss your Software or System Upgrade training please call us TODAY on 0333 344 6630 and speak to one of our roll-out experts.

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Creating the right learning programme for you
i-Cornerstones Learning and Performance Model

Our approach is to provide the skills and knowledge to increase productivity and achieve attitudinal and behavioural change, leading to long-term improved performance, increased employee engagement and retention.

Our i-Cornerstones Learning & Performance Model is a dynamic, flexible framework that outlines the TrainingU philosophy and key stage processes we work through to ensure we deliver the exact learning programme for your needs and within your budget.



How we deliver learning
Your Offices (in-house)
Your Offices

If you have a number of people in your organisation with the same training need, in-house training programmes are an ideal, collaborative learning solution.

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Our Training Venues
Our Training

Ideal for single/few staff member(s) that need development in a certain area. Sharing ideas and experiences with people from other organisations can be a huge benefit.

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Virtual Learning

Enabling staff to join live classroom training via web conferences. Ideal for organisations with multiple offices or where staff are geographically spread.

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Sprint Learning

High impact 90-minute training sessions delivered either face-to-face or virtually in targeted subjects, to boost performance whilst reducing your staff time out of the business.

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Managed Learning Services
Learning Services

As an extension to your in-house L&D team, we will look after all the planning and organisation of your staff training needs, from assessment of needs through to delivery and evaluation.

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