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Whether you are implementing Office 365 for the first time, or you’ve chosen to upgrade to a new version of Office, TrainingU can provide an effective training solution that will help your employees get to grips with some of the most popular Microsoft apps on the market.

We can also help you manage the adoption of new in-house or bespoke software upgrades.

How does it work?

Through a discovery call or meeting, we get to know your organisation and will take the time to understand the scope of the project and your exact staff upskilling needs and your timescales; we will then produce a competitive proposal for executing the project through to completion.

TrainingU will work with you to implement an efficient and cost-effective rollout solution that can be delivered within or away from the workflow. We’ll explore the best learning delivery methods for your circumstances and will deliver training that is guaranteed to save you time and valuable resources in the long term.

Our blended learning approach

We appreciate for the nature of software rollout projects, flexibility and the provision of a variety of learning tools is paramount to helping users get up to speed quickly with the new software apps and being able to continue with their role with minimum downtime.

Below is a summary of learning tools you may like to consider:

Awareness Sessions - Create Excitement

Awareness sessions will provide the perfect learning environment to ensure your employees quickly get up to speed with the new technology. Running sessions in the build-up to live day, is a great way to create excitement and awareness of the benefits that the new technology will bring.


Floorwalking is ideal to support users on live day and the immediate period following the migration. We can provide a team of trainers to support small teams right through to global rollouts.

Tech Bars/ Drop-Ins

In addition to floorwalking to provide help and support, having ‘Tech Bars’ or ‘Drop-ins’ located around the office, can be used by staff to drop by to ask questions to the trainer or to showcase the new software.

Support Materials & Videos

Having a suite of online tools such as quick reference guides and videos, is a great resource to embed learning following a training session or for those members of staff who have been unable to attend a face-to-face session.

Office 365 Courses

Below are our Top 3 Office 365 courses - click 'View All' to view our entire suite of courses:

Office 365 Introduction

Learn how to:

This 3 hour course looks at getting started with Office 365 and working with both the online and desktop versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

OneDrive for Business

Learn how to:

This 3 hour course looks at navigation on OneDrive for Business and looking at its file storage capabilities, how to save, manage and share files from either OneDrive online or from the desktop.


Learn how to:

This 3 hour course looks at the collaboration facilities of Teams and how via, instant messaging, scheduled audio and video meetings and files sharing it can bring together colleagues, conversations and content.

What our clients say

Our team have been providing comprehensive training courses for businesses for over 20 years – and during that time, we’ve helped hundreds of growing companies develop their team’s core skills.

Take a look at our recent case studies here.

We were delighted to work with TrainingU during our UK Learning Month. Their ability to offer short, snappy training sessions that were valuable and enjoyable was something we appreciated. The Sprint sessions are a great way to develop skills without being away from your day-to-day work for too long.


The training we receive from TrainingU is excellent, well delivered and the trainers are exceptional. The overall feedback on the courses is always excellent and the delegates often request to be enrolled onto the next level straight away. TrainingU is very professional in all aspects of training and also the administration that goes with each training course. I would have no hesitation in recommending TrainingU.

Whitbread Academy

The IT courses run by TrainingU have been extremely well received by all that have attended them. The company has been supportive, flexible and attentive, going the extra mile to ensure that the courses are a success. All trainers and staff have been professional and pleasant, helping the whole process run smoothly. I am very happy with the training we have received and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


The key for us in the development and delivery of the Training was to ensure it did not feel like a classroom situation with lots of slides and handouts. We wanted it to be fun, active and hands on. This is exactly how it was designed and delivered. It meant that the training they received was memorable. We were able to see that their approach was different this year due to increased confidence in managing their teams, communicating clearly and dealing with any conflict that arose.

DRS Data Services

There are many training companies around these days, and our main aim was to find one which could work with us, not just provide a slide show training session.

We’ve been working with TrainingU for over 2 yrs now, on a combination of tailored Management and Effectiveness training modules, delivered in house to provide the opportunity to as many people as possible. We wanted the training to be a fit with our culture and values, and being able to work with Jo to tailor the material to fit with our needs, was vital for this.

Besides relevant content, I believe one of the keys to a successful training session is the ability and style of the trainer. It was great to find someone who can quickly read a room, and adapt the approach, tone, and pace, to make it relevant and engaging for whoever is attending. TrainingU have provided a great platform, from which Jo has successfully provided training to almost every member of the company, at all levels.

Focusrite PLC

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