Smart Combinations

The perfect bundle of training sessions to reach your maximum potential...and reduce cost!

Often taking a single training course can extend your knowledge and performance in one area and in-turn expose a gap in another.

At TrainingU we know that by learning two associated subjects over 1-2 days it will supercharge your performance…reduce the training cost by 10% as well as cut-down you or your staffs time out of the work-flow.

For example; by upskilling in 'PowerPoint' in the morning and learning 'Presentation Skills' in the afternoon you will be ready to WOW your prospects and your boss!

Please see our current list of Smart Combinations below (and of course if you want to put your own themes together just let us know)

  • MS PowerPoint + Presentation Skills
  • MS OneNote + Time Management
  • MS Excel Intermediate + Finance for non-finance Managers
  • MS Excel Intermediate + Management Information
  • Managing with MS Outlook + Time Management
  • Prezi + Presentation Skills
  • Smart Boards + Presentation Skills
  • Minutes for Meetings + Chairing effective meetings
  • Social Media + Personal Impact (Human Interaction)
  • Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator
  • Conflict Management + Boxercise

Not only does this bundling approach give you a boost in performance, delivering a holistic knowledge greater than the sum of the parts, but we have priced them so you're also saving 10% on the total cost of the individual courses.

Essentially you are learning more and spending less!

CALL TODAY on 01582 620326 to BOOK your Smart Combination or discuss more about what bundled courses would work best to supercharge your performance!