Microsoft SharePoint - End User

Microsoft SharePoint - End User

1 Day

This course is geared towards people using a SharePoint environment as basic user. During this course users are taken through the best practice ways of using and working within a SharePoint environment. This is a non-technical course.


Attendees do not need any previous experience of SharePoint but must have a basic understanding of PCs, including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse.

What will I learn?
Module One – Introduction to SharePoint 2013
  • - Understanding SharePoint 2013
  • - Roles and Responsibilities in a SharePoint Environment
  • - Understanding a SharePoint site hierarchy
  • - Navigation of a SharePoint Environment
  • - Best practice on storing data in a SharePoint environment using Libraries/List/Views and Document Sets.
Module Two – Working with Documentation in a SharePoint Environment
  • - Understanding library app functions and navigation
  • - Uploading single documents into a document library
  • - Uploading multiple documents into a document library
  • - Adding metadata to an existing document in a library
  • - Connecting libraries to Microsoft Office
  • - Creating documentation directly within a SharePoint library
  • - Best practice of editing documents in a SharePoint library
    • - Checking documents out
    • - Checking documents in
    • - Knowledge of discarding Check outs
  • - Understanding best practice of versioning in SharePoint
  • - Sharing documents from a library via email
  • - Exporting library information into Microsoft Excel
  • - Understanding the recycle bin policies
  • - Deleting information from a library
  • - Retrieving information from the Site recycle bin
Module Three – Using the View functionality
  • - Introduction to ‘What are views?’ and how they can be used
  • - Creating a new view layout -
    • - In a document library
    • - In a List
  • - Creating a ‘Filter By’ view
  • - Collating data by creating a ‘Group By’ view
  • - How to modify an existing view
  • - How to remove an existing view
Module Four – Understanding and Using Document Sets
  • - Introduction into ‘What is a Document Set?’
  • - Creating a Document Set in a library
  • - Uploading data into a Document Set
  • - Creating documents in a Document Set
Module Five – Creation and Managing of Alerts
  • - Introduction on Alert functionality
  • - Creating an Alert to track data in a library
  • - Creating an Alert to track changes on individual items
  • - Managing Alerts within a SharePoint Site
Module Six – Understand the functions of List Apps in a SharePoint Environment
  • - Introduction into the List apps that are available in a SharePoint Environment
  • - Using a Calendar App and its functionality in SharePoint
  • - Connecting a SharePoint Calendar to a Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • - Using a Task App and understanding its functionality
  • - Syncing a SharePoint Task List App to Microsoft Outlook
  • - Understanding a Discussion Board
  • - Using the Announcement App on a SharePoint Site
Module Seven – Social SharePoint Functionality
  • - Introduction into Social SharePoint
  • - How to follow an item
  • - Tagging an Item with a custom key word
  • - Creating an item on a Note Board
  • - Rating items in a SharePoint Site
  • - My SharePoint profile
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