Delivering Impactful Presentations Skills - Part 2

Delivering Impactful Presentations Skills - Part 2

1 Day

Senior executives spend on average nearly 70% of their working day 'listening' to presentations. Make sure you are the one presenter that grabs their attention by communicating with the maximum impact and credibility to get your message across effectively; secure your budget aspirations, influence strategy and increase your personal impact.


On completion of this course, attendees will be equipped with the skills to design and deliver a presentation that can influence senior audiences. Psychological tools are explored to pre-empt possible objections and tailor content to specific audience needs. Participants will be able to handle difficult audiences and deliver impactful presentations in any scenario, whether it be conference, boardroom or virtual.

Please note this is the standard course outline. For in-house training we can bespoke this course to your specific needs.

What will I learn?
Brief refresher from Part One
Tailoring your approach and content
  • - Communication drivers
  • - Audience hotspots
  • - The world of the executive
The art of impactful visual aids
Staying in control
  • - Handling difficult situations
  • - Responding to conflict
  • - Low audience energy
  • - Handling a "Soap Boxer"
  • - Regaining an individual's attention
Question Time
  • - Answering tricky questions
  • - Getting the audience to ask or answer questions
  • - Preparation and rehearsal tips
  • - Pre-empting objections - advanced misnomer
Presenting in different scenarios
  • - Conference - Voice projection
  • - Board Rooms - Credible seated body language
  • - Virtual - Maintaining engagement, setting the rules
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