Handling Media Interviews

Handling Media Interviews

2 Days

Handling the media is an art in itself'

Both public and private sectors face the biggest challenges in history as far as media coverage is concerned. There is a phrase that says 'news travels fast', and this phrase has never been more true than today. Before the advent of social media newsworthy items were generally selected or dictated by newspaper editors, radio and TV producers. News is now often created and even dictated by the public. The publics' use of Twitter, Facebook, blogs and internet campaigns creates news that can travel in an instant. If enough people take part or make comment, the larger news agencies become obliged to respond.

Managers and leaders can find themselves being asked to comment on situations effecting their organisation with little or no notice, and the chances of this happening are increasing year upon year as the public become more media savvy. Public scrutiny can at times became personal, making claims about individuals rather than purely the organisation. Additionally, whenever local or national media are involved, the reporting is most likely to appear on the internet and viewed by a much wider audience. It therefore becomes critically essential that senior managers are ready to handle expected and unexpected media attention in the broadest sense.


The objective of our 'Handling Media Interviews' course is chiefly to enable attendees to handle both intentional and unexpected media interest and deliver key messages effectively during a variety of media interviews (press, radio, TV, internet - as appropriate).

Who should attend:

This course is aimed at anyone who needs to conduct Media interviews.

What will I learn?
  • - Understanding different types of media
  • - Types of stories and media interest
  • - How the traditional press operate and what to expect
  • - Planning essentials
  • - Dealing with unexpected calls
  • - Deciding key messages
  • - Using an interview to your advantage
  • - How to make the most of a press interview
  • - Press interview practice
  • - The difference between traditional press and digital media
  • - Press conference do's and don'ts
  • - How broadcast media operate
  • - Different types of radio interview (live, recorded etc..)
  • - How to give an effective radio interview
  • - How to handle unexpected questions
  • - How to ensure you get your key points across
  • - Legal frameworks and how they help
  • - Radio interview practice
  • - The differences between radio and TV
  • - How TV broadcasters operate
  • - What to expect with either remote or studio based interview
  • - How to come across well on TV
  • - TV interview practice
  • - An advanced technique for controlling broadcast interviews
  • - How to work effectively with external PR agencies or internal comms departments
Pre-work Preparation

Attendees will be required to arrive with the following:

  • - prepared comments about their experience with the media and perceptions of the media
  • - a list of their personal strengths & weaknesses in communicating with the media
  • - a real-life situation that they would like to use as the subject matter for practice sessions
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