Growing your Resilience to Stress

Growing your Resilience to Stress

1 Day

Today, many people find they are working to shorter timescales, and with more volume and task complexity in the work they do. This often means we have to work to higher expectations, and learn to handle the demands this makes on us. This means developing personal resilience and an ability to work well in pressure situations. This workshop is designed to help participants identify how they react to pressure situations at work, and how to increase their capacity to maintain performance and enjoy their work.


Participants will learn how to manage personal reactions, and develop mental toughness and resilience when encountering challenging situations. The workshop will improve people’s ability to recognise signs of pressure and have the techniques to handle this.

Please note this is the standard course outline. For in-house training we can bespoke this course to your specific needs.

What will I learn?
Components of Resilience and
Definition of Stress
  • - The definition of resilience
  • - The benefits of resilience
  • - The components of resilience; assessment your personal strength in each
  • - Strategies to raise each component
  • - The Pressure - Stress continuum
  • - Exploration of the causes of stress
Physiological Effects of Stress
  • - Our brains response to stress
  • - The health implications of stress
  • - The early warning signs
Levels of Stress
  • - Identify levels of stress and how it can intensify if not recognised
  • - Implications of stress for individuals and the organisation
Managing our Reponses to Events
  • - The key threats
  • - Attitude – our personal resource
  • - Cognitive restructuring and self-talk – how to modify our responses
Increasing Resilience
  • - Defining your position on the continuum
  • - Nutrition, Exercise and Breathing
  • - The Locus of control – increasing your sphere of influence
Practical Techniques
  • - Techniques and coping strategies
  • - Sources of support
  • - Management responsibilities to work related stress
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