Office 2007 - Saving As PDF

Did you know that in Office 2007 you can now save your documents, spreadsheets, presentations in PDF format without the need for seperate software.

We will use Microsoft Word for our example:

  • Within Microsoft Word, open the document you wish to save as a PDF file.
  • Click the Microsoft Office button.
  • Hover over Save As in the drop down menu.
  • From the sub-menu select Save As PDF or XPS. (see notes below if you do not have this option)
  • From the presented Publish window:
    • Give the file a name.
    • Select the check box next to Open file after publishing if you would like to view the PDF.
    • Select the required Optimize for option i.e. Standard or Minimum Size.
    • Click the Options... button for further options.
    • Click Publish.

Note: If you do not see the Save As PDF option within the Save menu, you will need to download the free plugin from Microsoft: