Midwich Ltd

"The trainer was really lovely, extremely helpful and is always willing to answer questions and help with anything you are unsure of.  This course was really useful as a basic introduction into Excel: I have learnt lots of things to help me save time in my daily work where I would have gone about things the longer way before. I know there is lots to learn and i would be keen to learn more in the future"

"Carolynne was a very good trainer, who kept the course interesting whilst professional at all times. The course will really help in my day to day job, it will mean that I can get tasks completed more efficiently and with more accurate detail"

"Very approachable and varied pace to suit needs of everyone on the course. Allowed time for discussion of how the training could be applied in real life situation. Well paced, good content and very educational"

"She was very helpful and patient and explained everything well very usefull"

"Basic overview of Excel with the aim of making using the programme easier and quicker through simple time saving tools"

"Very friendly, explained in easy to understand terms.  Very informal, good platform to go back to work and put new knowledge to use"

"Fantastic, Friendly, Helpful, Made you feel at ease. To the point, informative, light hearted"

"Very good. Really helpful, can be applied to tasks that I wouldn't usually apply formulas to"

"The training session was very relaxed and interesting. The trainer was easy to understand, helpful and approachable"

"Really helpful friendly, no question was too silly, answered everything I needed to know.  Demos were excellent; really learnt a lot.  Thank you! Really helpful, interesting and would like to receive more training as it will help a lot"

"Confident, concise and friendly - I wasn't afraid to ask questions as she was a great trainer. This was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be. I learned a lot of useful shortcuts, and was great putting it into practise"

"Very helpful and approachable. Willing to consider questions and provide options. Kept the group together well. Very helpful, useful and relevant"

"Very nice and helpful.  Extremely patient if anyone was stuck of something! Very helpful and easy to learn course.  Very much recommended!"

"Very enjoyable session at a pace which was easy to understand and a very helpful trainer. All over a very good experience"

"Really friendly, helpful & she didn't make you feel silly if you didn't know something. Very interesting, applicable to my role, very helpful!"

"Very good, easy pace, not meant to feel stupid if you didn't know or got something wrong. Worth going on even if you think you know enough for your job"

"Really friendly, and easy to approach. This course has been very useful, and this will help me in my day to day experiences and make the work load a lot easier for me to complete"

"Very good, spent time going through everything so that everyone understood. Learnt lots of things that I didn't already know and will be able to use in the future"