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“Very helpful. It allowed me to brush-up on skills that I had maybe forgotten about, ensured that I was more confident when using excel and allowed me to learn more functions etc . I especially like the fact that a reference guide is sent to us.. I definitely will need it in the future"

“I have really enjoyed the training day . It has given me greater knowledge of Excel and what it can do to help in my role as Accountant. It hopefully will enable me to be more confident when using Excel. The trainer was very very good."

“Easy to understand and absolutely vital for anyone who uses excel"

“A really great opportunity to go through a tool we all use in our business life, being self-taught you don’t know what you don’t know”

“It was very informative and gave me additional knowledge about Excel. It was also a very friendly course, it was easy to ask questions and you weren't made to feel like a dunce if you made a mistake”

“Very polite and approachable and not frustrated by delegates closing applications. Educational and informative, learning skills which can be used in everyday situations and will be of use as the time arises”

“Very thorough, everything well-presented and delivered Excel-ent! One of the best course I have ever been on”

“Andie was very patient with us and explained in great detail how to carry out tasks. She was very pleasant and helpful. Very informative and enjoyable”

“Informative and allowed everyone to go at their own pace. Our group was great as there was only 4 people so we got the “special” treatment”

“Paul was good, with a very dry sense of humour. Starting with a very limited knowledge of Excel, I now have a better understanding. I feel more confident in using Excel now”

“Enlightening, helpful and taught at a pace easy to keep up with. Encouraged at all times to ask any questions. Really helpful that course was practical rather than just shown what to do”

“Well presented and well-paced to suit all on the course. Good introduction that will build confidence when using spreadsheets and data”

“Excellent trainer, kept me engaged at all times. Would not hesitate in recommending her, she worked at just the right pace. Excellent training course”

“Our trainer was really good, she really helped me. The overall course was really helpful I actually enjoyed it”

“Excellent refresher. have not had excel training for 15 years - so needed this to refresh my skills”

“Very good and knowledgeable, patient and very approachable trainer. Excellent course, leant a lot in a short space of time”

“Covered areas not usually found when learning Excel without formal training. Learnt short cuts that will save me lots of time”

“Informative, well executed, generally an excellent course”

“Very helpful and very knowledgeable, great. A must for anyone who uses excel everyday”

“Brilliant. A well-paced day, that met the needs of all that attended”

“Knowledgeable and always ready to help. One of the better, more useful courses I’ve ever attended”

“Absolutely lovely trainer, very knowledgeable and completed the training at a sufficient pace! Fantastic - really enjoyable course!”