“I thought Kevin was a very good trainer; clear and easy to understand with a friendly, fun personality that helped to keep the course interesting and engaging throughout."

"As a self taught, intermediate level user I found this course very beneficial. I will definitely be more efficient and effective using Excel in the future."

"(Kevin) is awesome! Not only knows that stuff and know how to teach you but he also creates a beautiful atmosphere so that we would not get bored."

“Extremely friendly and took time showing individuals who were struggling but didn't hold up the exercises for individuals who understood the topic."

"Great skills to have learnt and can't believe how long I've spent doing things that will be so quick now!"

“An excellent 'basics to excel' training with a passionate teacher who was clear and concise with everything taught"

"I personally thought the trainer was very good, he took his time to explain the more complex tasks and assisted everyone who needed help. He spoke clearly and taught the course in plain English which can be difficult. I would definitely recommend him to my peers, internal and external."

"Very informative and a great base on which to build and use my excel knowledge in my day to day duties. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to gain a greater understand of the technicalities and uses of Excel and how they can be applied to daily tasks."

"Eye opening & demystifying; helped by a user friendly tutor."

"Kevin was excellent and easy to talk to. He also has a lot of patience to teach and make me understand what I was doing. 10 out of 10. Very impressed and happy with the level of his knowledge and approach to teaching"

“Jacki was wonderful; she made me feel at ease as I was very nervous at first. Her knowledge was first class and her training methods were clear and concise. Wish all staff could have this training."

“Wish I did this 10 years ago. Very good pace and will save me a huge amount of time"

"Jacki was an amazing trainer and was able to tailor our training session to our wants/needs and was able to accommodate certain delegates that needed to leave early by covering the topics they wanted to learn before they left. She also made us all feel confident to ask any question we wanted, no matter how silly."

"A fantastic learning experience, great trainer. I cant wait for the Intermediate course!"

Read more ...

"Jacki was a natural teacher- really brilliant at explaining her ideas and Excel concepts- without being patronising. I will definitely be recommending her and the training course to my team."

"Paul was very knowledgeable and personable. Having a 1-to-1 session, I was delighted to be able to work on personal examples"

"VERY impressed with Gill - down to earth persona so no embarrassment or shyness about admitting a lack of ability, good sense of humour (definitely a plus point when you're all in the same room for a full day!) and a very good teacher - I'd have benefited from a similar teaching style at school! Gill made it very easy to understand and very interesting to learn! Ten out of ten :-)"

"Very helpful and I have taken away some valuable shortcuts which will save a great deal of time"

"Very informative but also extremely interesting, useful, and applicable - quite often, training you receive on courses doesn't tend to sink in but I'm confident that I know what to do following this course!"

Read more ...

"Karen was lovely, very enthusiastic, approachable, knowledgeable and a great teacher explaining everything in a simple manner which was easy to understand."

"Paul is an excellent trainer, he made things very relevant and easy to understand. I will so much more confident and feel I have more ideas to work on."

"Jacki was very nice and easy to understand, she knows her field very well and was very clear in explaining anything we asked. Very good experience and I wish every trainer in the future was as professional as Jacki."

"This course has a clear focus and help me with my daily excel skills and I believe it will definitely improve my work."

"A good overview of the key areas of excel and how to improve your efficiency in a simple manner."

"Really helpful course which ran at a good pace for me for most of the day. Definitely learnt some good tips which hopefully will assist in the office once I'm using my own spreadsheets."

"Relax atmosphere, the trainer was very knowledgeable and understood both our level of knowledge and the needs from this course. Using the exercises got us to self-assess and also to support each other"

"Lots of fun, considering it was excel. I was thinking it wouldn't be that exciting but it was."

"Paul was extremely patient and understood completely what I needed to achieve. I would highly recommend him."

"Tailor-made to meet our needs. It helped that we were a group of two but it moved at our pace and covered the stuff we wanted it to."


"Paul has been great teaching us all the relevant features of Excel! A big thank you!"


"Gill explained everything so simply that I have walked away feeling confident and knowing I will remember all of the different things that she taught us."

"Very informative, great teacher. Look forward to the advanced course."

"This was a great day with a great teacher :)"

"Penny was amazing, she answered my 500 questions that I had. She was calm and clear with helping those in the group who struggled a little. Penny made sure that everyone was clear when going through the task and understood there was differing abilities within the group."

"I would highly recommend Penny - she was AMAZING."

"This course is incredibly useful to get a clear understanding of what can be done on Excel."

Read more ...

"Very useful, I want to know more now"


"It was a great course to learn the basic and refresh knowledge especially as excel has changed in many ways over the year. Definitely a good foundation to build on."

"Good course for learning new and refreshing existing skills"


"Exactly what it says on the tin!"

"Excellent building block to professional level MS Office package training."

"Was nervous about this training but Dee was great. Really calm and nice manner and course was well timed and at a good pace. I was not a confident excel user but felt really good and positive by the end of the session. He regularly checked in with everyone on a 1-2-1 basis to see if we were ok and there were no silly questions which was good!"

“I have been to many training sessions and have had many trainers/coaches. Kevin has been excellent and addressed our needs on the spot and answered all questions we had. He always made sure everyone was on the same track in their own pace. Great environment to learn and I always thoroughly enjoy courses from TrainingU. It's an overall introduction to Excel using work related examples to make it more accessible – loved it”

“Kevin was very upbeat and explained sometimes complex functionalities clearly. I was able to follow the entire course without effort and felt engaged by his approachable training style. I look forward to honing on newly acquired skills by putting in some practice time in my job. Great Course. Lots of food for thoughts on how best to apply this to my daily tasks”

“Fantastic - boosted my confidence, answered all of my questions clearly, explained things slowly and made sure everyone understood. I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues - I feel it should be more accessible as I know many people want to participate but there is a very long waiting list. I'm sure if these sessions ran once or twice a month there would be full”

Read more ...

“Superb facilitation and excellent communication skills. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop. High five to Laura, super job. Absolutely first class” 
“My trainer was very knowledgeable and went through every part of the course in substantial detail. She took her time to answer any questions we had and was open to building other training requirements into her session. The team asked plenty of questions. Very useful and will aid me in my day to day job making tasks and pulling data much simpler”
“Very engaging - easy to follow the instructions. Kept everyone at the same stage - no one left behind."

Read more ...

“The best external trainer BIG has used in a long time. Sensitive to our business needs without becoming bogged down in specifics. Excellent pace and clear explanations of concepts I previously thought were complicated. Excellent, very worthwhile for everyone's job role in BIG - it should be mandatory”

“Dee is a very engaging and capable trainer - very impressed with his relaxed presentational style and pace. A welcome change to undertake a bespoke training course using our own data instead of yet another off the shelf solution”

“Lyn was very friendly and approachable while being in control and meeting the service user’s needs. I was impressed with her professionalism and look forward to meeting with her again in the near future. Course was excellent and will be beneficial for my job role. I would recommend it to others to build confidence when using Excel software”

Read more ...

"Excellent, helpful and will allow me to save time when completing work"

"Alan was really good, his pace and explanation and guidance of the tasks were outstanding. Feel really confident and positive it will help my job"

"The trainer was very patient and took time to explain things clearly so everyone could understand. Very approachable. I really enjoyed it - very useful"

Read more ...

“Excellent. Very clear and easy to understand. Dee delivered the course extremely well and made something that I've generally always avoided and disliked doing seem really interesting and challenging in a positive way. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Overall it was a really good learning experience and I'm glad that we were provided with a booklet consisting of all of the content covered on the course and a certificate to show my individual participation”

“Fantastic Delivery of course from our trainer, Dee. He was very approachable to ask questions when struggling, made you feel at ease and explained in detail. The course had great content, was well structured, delivered at a great pace and was fully engaging. Thanks”

“Sally was very flexible in her approach, we got a lot from the course and I personally found it very beneficial. It was a very good intermediate level course that was flexed very well to the capability of the people present”

Read more ...

“Very friendly and approachable trainer who obviously had a vast knowledge of the subject. The level of the training was perfectly pitched and I really enjoyed the course. It was enjoyable, informative and incredibly useful”

“Kevin was a fantastic trainer who was able to explain what was thought to be complex issues and made them easily understandable using his expertise of the subject. Excellent, hands-on and well structured”

“Kevin was excellent in his delivery of the course and was very amenable. He made what could be a very dry subject interesting and engaging. Well delivered”

Read more ...

“The information I learnt from attending this course will certainly be beneficial when I am using excel in the future. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have used what I learnt and definitely found this course beneficial”

“Susan was excellent at delivering the foundation level training to the group. All content, exercises and delivery were well suited to the intended foundation level - great for new users to Microsoft Excel. I learned some shortcuts and had some time to spend working in Excel which was greatly appreciated”

“Susan definitely knew Excel inside out and I personally learnt a lot of easier ways to carry out tasks that will save time, the day was not rushed and we covered all the aims and objectives. I definitely learnt new and easier ways to carry out daily tasks, by talking to TrainingU and changing the aims for day 2, more time was spent on the areas that we needed and this course has met our organisational needs”

Read more ...

“Dee delivered an orderly and systematic presentation. In addition, he was able to sustain the interest of all participants and did superbly well to capture the attention of everyone throughout the training section. His knowledge on Excel is unquestionable. The course was up to date, relevant, engaging, practical, result oriented, and perfectly delivered”

“Dee was very patient and calm. He explained everything really carefully, slowly where required and with a very good attitude. He was a very approachable and very good teacher. I am sure I could learn much more. In order to remember all I have learned I will need to practice every day. Overall it was very positive experience. I learned new things which I am sure I will use in everyday tasks”

“Dee was an excellent trainer - went through things in great detail and he was very patient with people. The course was excellent - everything about the course was very good and I would have no hesitation in going on a TrainingU course again or recommending you to my colleagues”

Read more ...

“I thought that Alex was a great trainer and went at a speed that was easy to follow. She was also very approachable if you needed to ask questions. I found the course very interesting and was able to use to brush up skills I knew and also ones that are new”
“Very helpful and willing to relate the functions to real work place needs/issues. Very helpful. Little tips just in themselves can make a big difference!” 

“Really nice and explained really confidently and concisely. Had an answer for everything quickly. Penny was really good even if she has just come back off holiday. Brilliant”

Read more ...

“Really helpful and didn't make you feel stupid for not knowing the basics -- also taught shortcuts and handy hints to help save time each day etc. Lots of handy information that is actually practical as well"

"I feel we couldn't ask for a better trainer. Not only she is very knowledgeable but knows how to explain and that makes all the info make muck more sense and quick to learn."

"Extremely helpful and I have learnt a lot from today. Dee covered a lot of areas and explained each area in enough time for me to understand"

Read more ...

“Our trainer was great, and managed to keep a steady pace through a group of varying experience using Excel. Although I was fairly advanced in comparison to many others on the course, I still learnt a lot and was given opportunities to go slightly ahead. The course was great and very helpful. I'm looking forward to my Advanced course :). I would recommend this course to everyone, even if they do not use Excel very much as there are a lot of things that can be useful to everyone.” 
“Spoke very knowledgably of course, I enjoyed it very much and found it useful. This course will be very helpful as I use Excel every day, thoroughly enjoyed the experience looking forward to using the skills I’ve learnt today, hopefully will be able to undertake the advanced course soon.” 
“Very clear instructions, patient and very enthusiastic about the topic. A good refresher for me, and introduction of some better/easier ways of using and producing files”

Read more ...

“First class training, Dee dealt with varying competency levels within our group and created an atmosphere where you didn't feel stupid to ask a question. I was dreading the course and usually any presentations with lots of spreadsheets and numbers seem to drag after a while but this day flew and I had a really enjoyable day. Dee made something that could be extremely tedious fun and I did learn a great deal from it”

“Lynn was our trainer for the day. I thought she was fantastic. I was worried I may be on the wrong course and would be out of my depth but she made it all so easy, explained everything very clearly and gave us all confidence. I came away with lots more knowledge and confidence on Excel than I had before. The best training course I have ever been on with the best trainer”

“I found this course really helpful as I am self-taught on Excel and although I thought I knew a lot, I just knew the very basics. I can now try things that I have struggled with and will be faster in my day to day role”

Read more ...

“Dee was a great trainer. Very approachable and helpful. I thought this course was highly useful. As the HR Assistant I have been the main contact in organising the training and I will be telling all the staff it is compulsory next time round and for the next sessions coming up.”

“I feel as though the course was well planned, Dee was very good at giving individual support when confused on topics. Didn't tell you the answer, but pointed you in the right direction. Very patient!! Brilliant teacher. Very good, lots of knowledge, diverse information”

“Learnt a lot & the course was done at a steady pace making it easier to that the information in. Dee is very patient & explains Excel very well. Easy learning course, the basic have been explained very well & the examples that we had to complete helped in getting used to Excel.”

Read more ...

“That was my 2nd course with TrainingU and I am still very impressed by the level of organization and approach. Professional, helpful... will allow me to be more official” 
“Alex was excellent, She delivered the training in a very professional way, She was very supportive with friendly approach. Very informative and useful. All the topics we covered were supported with good examples” 
“Our trainer Dee was extremely clear when explaining things and was willing to help individuals if they were having difficulty completing a specific task. Helpful, interesting, insightful”

Read more ...

 "Excellent - and Lyn dealt very well with the kids at the back of the class (aka our directors!)  Extremely useful and likely to encourage a thinking process as to how best to apply these new skills to the benefit of both the business and to make our workload lighter"

"Lyn made quite a long day go quite quickly and a potentially dry subject, interesting. Good atmosphere and feedback throughout the session. User friendly and effective learning"

"Very informative and eye-opening, the course was carried out at a steady pace so no one got left behind and Lyn was always on hand to assist when asked"

Read more ...

“Very helpful. It allowed me to brush-up on skills that I had maybe forgotten about, ensured that I was more confident when using excel and allowed me to learn more functions etc . I especially like the fact that a reference guide is sent to us.. I definitely will need it in the future"

“I have really enjoyed the training day . It has given me greater knowledge of Excel and what it can do to help in my role as Accountant. It hopefully will enable me to be more confident when using Excel. The trainer was very very good."

“Easy to understand and absolutely vital for anyone who uses excel"

Read more ...

“Very easy to understand and good at putting the information across. Patient with all questions a helpful guide for new starter and intermediate Excel users to make you more comfortable and extend your knowledge” 
“Kevin was very good at coaching and encouraging the individuals to identify and workout for themselves how to solve errors rather than to simply tell them the answer. I really liked his approach and his nature was such that no one felt intimidated to ask questions. Very informative, short cuts will be used going forward for sure.” 
“Very helpful and adaptable in the short time given. Very pleasant training. Efficient way of passing complex information. Well done - thank you very good opportunity to catch up with Excel in a working day – environment”

Read more ...

“Laura was polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She tailored the course to our specific needs and delivered at a good pace. Brilliant”

“Laura Curtis was a lovely lady, very helpful and explained all clearly. Very good course, all basic knowledge covered” 
“Our trainer was lovely and made it very easy to learn. :) Course was really good - had a really good day and learnt a lot of helpful tips that I will use daily”

Read more ...

“Very clear instructions. Helpful and patient. Very knowledgeable and there were no questions that he could not answer. Made it a very pleasurable experience. Very informative” 

"I've had Jackie in a previous training session and once again I've really enjoyed having her as a trainer, very professional and welcoming."
“Fabulous made me feel completely at ease, I feel that I have learnt a lot of hint tips and knowledge, made the day enjoyable Excellent, easy to understand”

Read more ...

“Well prepared, organised, easy to understand, explained easy, Efficient, well informed, well prepared” 
“Very good - many thanks good delivery and new understand of valuable, time saving tips”

“Alex has been a great help! Very good presentation at an easy pace to follow with clear instructions and advice where needed. Informative and a good way to develop new skills / brush up on old ones”

“Penny was fantastic, very knowledgeable and had time for everyone, the course was also very enjoyable and did not drag. An excellent course for day to day users of Excel”

“Trainer was excellent, Dee is one of the best trainers I have ever had. Very good course”

Read more ...

“Excellent, lovely lady. Just enough for what I needed, was worried it may of been to advanced but due to the way it was trained it was made easy to understand and take in” 
“Dee was Excellent, great guy. 1st time of using TrainingU, the course was excellent and very user friendly."
“Great, well presented course was great learnt a lot today thank you”

Read more ...

“I found it very useful, and feel the team benefited from the session. We got through quite a lot of content which was great, it will be good to get the manual to ensure everything sinks in that was covered” 
“Very friendly and quick witted/funny with plenty of examples to give. Impressed by his use of Concatenate. I've learnt a lot”

“Informative and at a good pace, was able to ask questions and have bespoke answers”

Read more ...

“Cameron has a deep knowledge of the software and is very professional and friendly - I find his courses more informative than most. Very informative and extremely worthwhile”
“It has given me more confidence to change and investigate problems on the spreadsheets I use. It has shown me functions I did not know existed”

“I found the course very informative and will hopefully go a long way to helping me tidy up my spread sheets”

Read more ...

“Karen is easily the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was funny, professional and engaging and really brought the subject to life. Engaging, well organised”
“Really interesting, all topics covered new or known where presented in a straight forward way, leaves you with a better understanding of how the programme works and the quicker way around things.” 
“Karen was super helpful and easy to understand. She explained everything clearly and precisely. Putting a context behind everything made learning much more interactive and engaging. 10/10 and would definitely recommend her. Excel isn't a fun subject however she made sure that the day wasn't boring at all and kept us all involved and engaged."

Read more ...

“Dee was very easy to understand, the pace the course followed was very steady even for a more or less beginner like me. The format was detailed enough and executed to our level, so we could follow each part. Very well run and informative”

“Dee is fab :-). He’s a very patient trainer, that's why we always ask for him. Imparts his knowledge and skill with ease and in an understandable manner. Would definitely recommend him to everyone. Wonderful, useful and easy to understand course and the trainers we get with TrainingU make all the difference”

“Absolutely first class. The trainer got the pace just right, was supportive and knowledgeable. I learnt some key skills and would love to go through the intermediate course ASAP. Fantastic if you need to go over the basics. I'm glad I did as I think I will get a lot more out of the intermediate modules now”

Read more ...

“The overall course was good and was managed very well. Would recommend” 
“Very approachable and knowledgeable. Good use of my time”
“Excellent advice & support. Really enjoyed the course - was of great use”

"Very approachable trainer! Well worth the time spent on the course, lots learnt in a short space of time"

"Excellent training methods.  This is the best Excel course we have attended, very relevant and interesting."

"Alex was very friendly and helpful Quick, efficient and easy to pick up"

"Really professional and delivered, very educational, well paced and a positive learning delivery"

"Dee was extremely professional and attentive throughout the whole day.  He slowed the training down when delegates were struggling to understand/keep up and flowed through things when the room showed good understanding.  I would recommend Dee and TrainingU wholeheartedly.  The training was relaxed, informative and detailed enough to understand, make notes and follow up with"

“Really simple to understand, great style of presentation. The challenge now is applying my new knowledge”

“Lovely chap - very easy to understand, well spoken, really pleased. Brill thanks”

"Very informative - would need to practice a lot. Excellent course.” 
“Good course to improve your Excel knowledge”

“Dee was great and I would hope to have him as a trainer again. Great course”

“Excellent - very approachable. Very interesting”

"Very well presented (Denise Cleaves) and easy to talk to” 
“Training course is pretty good and elaborative. Covered most of the day to day problems like duplicates, data validation which I was not aware. Today's training will save my time in work”

“Course is excellent & taught lot of new & stuffs of MS Excel. I was struggling & doing many things manually. Trainer taught lot of short cuts”

"A great course a lot information and I would like to carry on to get to a higher level which is required in my job role"

"Tailored to my needs and those of my colleagues, I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend to go on this course."

"(Paul is a) highly professional and technically excellent person, who could push the frontier of my knowledge without overwhelming me. Outstanding."

Read more ...

“He had good knowledge of the product and was approachable. Dee had a very calm and measured approach, but kept things interesting and offered examples of practical applications of the skills we were learning. He was willing to offer one-to-one time where appropriate. This could easily be a two day or three day course. I can see how some of the skills we learned could be applied to my role. The information about relative and absolute formulas was useful”

“MS Excel Advanced course has improved my knowledge of using the data analysis skills for large amount of data on regular basis without consuming too much time”

“Very helpful and very patient. Explains material in a simple approachable way with lots of example to follow up. Very helpful and I'm looking forward to use the new skills at work”

Read more ...

“Very good pace and Helpful when needed. Fabulous”
“Enjoyed it - not too complicated!” 
“Excellent trainer, very clear and through with training. Clear, practical and excellent delivery”

“Very nice friendly man with the patience of a saint. Very knowledgeable and interesting.” 

“Great trainer who explained things well and talked through issues with individuals without holding up the class. Informative and helpful.” 

“Great trainer, nothing was too much trouble and really listened to what I was asking and worrying about. Brilliant, very knowledgeable and will help me a lot in the future, as long as I practice and don’t forget!”

“Overall an excellent course.  The trainer was very accommodating and approachable. Informative. Met my objectives. Interesting. Varied range of topics covered”

“Very Informative & Patient. Very Informative as only have basic laptop skills” 

“Very good, worked at the pace I felt comfortable at”
“Excellent, perfectly paced. Great trainer, great pace, great course.” 
“He created a good training environment. Well worthwhile. No fault found.”

“Easy to understand. Great start to continuing excel training please!” 
“Very easy to understand and very willing to help with any difficulties. Very helpful to move from basic knowledge to the next stage.”

“Great at picking up on what we wanted to learn. Made sure we all covered everything even though two of us were working on an older version which was appreciated. Useful overview of various functions, directed at the appropriate level.” 
“The course was very well structured and enabled us to ask questions at any stage and improved our knowledge of Excel” 
“I am so glad I did this course, it has completely changed the way I approach certain elements of my job. I will definitely save a considerable amount of time every week now I'm able to utilise the new skills that I've learnt on the course."

“Interesting and useful”

“The trainer made the course very interesting and relevant.  Her enthusiasm for the subject made the course enjoyable. She also made sure that everyone understood everything before moving on to another topic. Interesting, informative and enjoyable”

“Most informative but as a non-regular user of spreadsheets I will have to refer to course notes in future.”

"The trainer was really lovely, extremely helpful and is always willing to answer questions and help with anything you are unsure of.  This course was really useful as a basic introduction into Excel: I have learnt lots of things to help me save time in my daily work where I would have gone about things the longer way before. I know there is lots to learn and i would be keen to learn more in the future"

"Carolynne was a very good trainer, who kept the course interesting whilst professional at all times. The course will really help in my day to day job, it will mean that I can get tasks completed more efficiently and with more accurate detail"

"Very approachable and varied pace to suit needs of everyone on the course. Allowed time for discussion of how the training could be applied in real life situation. Well paced, good content and very educational"

Read more ...

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I will be using Excel with much more confidence.” 

“I thought the course was extremely clear and informative. It covered many areas I was lacking the knowledge in and has made me want to learn more.” 
“Very interesting and helpful. Alexandra made it a great experience.” 
“Excellent. It was fun and engaging and very informative. It was a very good introduction into Excel and I feel like I would like to know more about Excel and it seems a very interesting software.”

Read more ...

“Laura was excellent and easily the most knowledgeable IT trainer I have ever had. She had a lovely teaching manner, fantastic pace and was adaptable to my learning style. She is an absolute asset to TrainingU and I would recommend her to anyone requiring. Best ever IT course, with first-rate trainer, Laura.”
“Unlocks potential to do so much more with our data in such a quick and accurate way”
“Very well spoken and very easy to understand and follow It has given me more confidence to use the formulas and will help me understand spreadsheets that are sent out to me for my own use”

Read more ...

“This has been a very enjoyable and informative training, and delivered very well by the trainer, who has been clear & helpful. The information in this training has been communicated very effectively. Informative, engaging, practical and effective.”
“Very useful course which I would recommend to anyone using Excel, even if they don't use it a lot. The course helps to make functions, which would otherwise seem complicated, really easy to use.”

“Really fun and informative. Interactive environment that maximised the learning experience. Have learnt lots of new information that I will be able to apply to help me in my day to day working role.” 

Read more ...

“Very well presented, working at everyone's pace, clear with instructions, precise and explained in great depth overall very good. Well worth while course to improve upon basic Excel skills to the next level, and showed me personally quicker and easier ways in using excel, I found the pivot tables and graphs a particular interest to me as this I can now use in my everyday use”
“She was very clear about everything and understanding very helpful” 

“Sally has helped me understand Excel a lot more and I found her very helpful and it was easy to follow her tasks if I did not understand she would then explain again and help. I found the course was very helpful and I have a good understanding of Excel. This training will help when completing stock sheets from various of customers, I have also learnt a lot of shortcuts which will be handy and will save a bit of time” 

Read more ...

“Alex is fantastic. Keeps your interest and is very helpful and informative. This will change my life! This is something I should have done a year ago and my work life would have been so much easier and would have saved me so much time.”

“I have a sent a letter to the Pope asking for Karen to be made a saint. She certainly had the patience of one! Computing for dummies explained in the easiest of ways even I understood”

“Covers all aspects of the course and then attributes them to your individual requirements. Also goes the extra mile to teach areas not covered but requested by the learner. Very good, certainly met my expectations” 

“Very helpful, easily explained examples, and kept the course at a steady pace. Felt positive when leaving and confident enough to try new options on Excel”

Read more ...

“This has been a very useful day in terms of helping me to produce my reports efficiently and more effectively.”


“Friendly, Knowledgeable & accommodating. Helps demystify what you can achieve in Excel.”

“Helped me understand a lot more about spreadsheets etc”

“Very helpful and entertaining. Really would love another course with him! Very well for such a short course.”
“Overall excellent Very good systematic approach to the topics covered.” 
“Clear and easy to understand. Great”

“Just very helpful and excellent. Many thanks Very educational and worthwhile.”

“Excellent course to refresh the knowledge I already had” 
“Excellent, Very approachable and friendly well presented and educational. Opened eyes to the possibilities of Excel and how we can improve processes”