Excel Tip - Absolute Cell Referencing

When a cell reference within a formula needs to an absolute cell reference, you may be aware that dollar signs need to be included within the formula. Rather than having to manually type the $ in each time, try this quick and handy shortcut....

  • Create your formula as normal
  • Once you have selected the cell that needs to be absolute, press F4 on the keyboard
  • By default Excel will insert two dollar signs around the cell reference i.e. $B$4
  • The F4 key is known as a Toggle Key which means it has more than one option that you can toggle through - keep pressing the F4 key to view the different options for the $
  • Once you have the correct dollar signs in the formula, you can press Enter on the keyboard to complete the formula

Example of where dollar signs have been used within a formula:

Absolute Cell Ref

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