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Courses for every skill level covering the basics of spreadsheets and formulas to formatting, managing and summarising data through to expert functions and VBA macro programming.

Who we are and what we do

TrainingU is an accredited UK Learning Provider helping people to improve their Excel skills from the basics right through to more advanced subjects.

Excel training can be delivered in-house at your offices, online via the web or by attending one of our Public (open) courses held in St Albans and Milton Keynes.

Which course do I need?

Our standard Excel training courses are listed below however, if you need something more bespoke, we will create a course for you at no extra cost.

Should you or your team need help choosing the best level of training, our FREE skills assessment can be used or alternatively, speak to one of our advisors who will discuss the best options for you. If you are organising training for more than 5 people, speak to us about our FREE skills assessment PORTAL which allows you to view all your staff's results in one place, saving hours of admin time.

Core Levels

1-day courses


Learn how to:
  •  Create spreadsheets from scratch
  •  Create basic formulae
  •  Apply print settings and create basic Charts
  •  Apply formatting to enhance presentation


Learn how to:
  •  Create PivotTables & Charts
  •  Analyse lists of data
  •  Create popular functions such as VLOOKUP, IF & SUMIF


Learn how to:
  •  Create a variety of advanced statistical, logical and lookup functions
  •  Advanced PivotTable feature
  •  Use data tools to 'clean up' data lists
  •  Apply worksheet/workbook protection
  •  Apply data entry rules and restrictions
  •  Create multiple conditional formats
  •  Record a basic macro

Looking for something more advanced?

Whether you need training in VBA programming, Financial Modelling or PowerPivots, our suite of more advanced Excel courses will help.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How to book an Excel course

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Which level do you need?

Which level do
you need?

Take our free online skills assessment

Sprint Sessions

Our high impact 90-minute Sprint training sessions provide relevant knowledge at the time you need it to boost your staff's performance whilst minimising time out of the business. Sprint sessions can be delivered in-house or online via the web, ideal if you have staff located in different locations.

Create your own package to suit your teams' needs from our suite of options below.
Sprint Sessions
Introduction to basic formula and functions


To become an effective user of Excel and to get the best out of your data and calculating totals this course is for you.

The magic of Excel lays in the use of formulas and how to fix or leave them moveable.

During this hands on session, you will gain valuable skills about how to create different types of calculations using formulae and functions.

Required knowledge or experience:

This session is designed for new users to Excel spreadsheets or for those who would like a refresher on the basics. It is essential you have hands on practice of using a computer and mouse.

Learn how to:

  • Use arithmetical operations to create simple calculations including percentages
  • Create simple formula using brackets
  • Use quick functions to calculate the Total, Mean, Highest and Lowest of a range of data
  • Use moveable and fixed cells in calculations
  • Automatically fill a range of cells with a series of data
  • Edit and interpret existing spreadsheet data
Conditional Formatting
Create and use Range Names
Create formulae using the VLOOKUP function
Analyse data using PivotTables
Charts and Sparklines

In-House Learning Options

Excel training can be delivered at your offices with options of:
Group training (up to 10 delegates)
Group training
(up to 10 delegates)
1 to 1 training
1 to 1 training
Online Sessions(Virtual Classroom)
Online Sessions
(Virtual Classroom)
Choose from one or half day training sessions or our popular 90-minute Sprint sessions which can be delivered in your offices or online via the web.

For training taking place in your offices, all we need is a room with table and chairs and we look after the rest, even providing laptops and a projector should you not have spare IT equipment to use.
Online training via the web (we call this Virtual Classroom) is a perfect solution should you have staff in different geographical locations who have the same Excel training need. Our expert trainers can deliver "watch and learn" sessions where up to 100 people can attend or maybe you would prefer a more interactive session where delegates can complete practical Excel excercises - whatever your need, we can help you organise your perfect Excel training session.

Our commitment to quality

We are an accredited training provider with the Learning and Performance Institute which gives you the assurance that we can conform to a professional Code of Practice.

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Excel Tip - Compare Files
Excel Tip - Identifying Formulas
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