Aims & Objectives

Our Strategic Business Planning course teaches you how to write strategic business plans based on existing and emerging market factors. You’ll learn how to gain support and momentum within your organisation.

It is designed for senior managers responsible for defining and shaping the direction for their departments or organisation. You’ll gain a clearer understanding of the market in which we operate and will learn how to identify and prioritise business opportunities and key stakeholders as well as map out a strategic vision and its pillars.

You’ll be asked to bring along to the course reports about your industry, market place and business. Please come prepared to share your key insights from these with the group.

Please note this is the standard course outline. For in-house training, we can tailor the content to your specific requirements.

What will I learn?

Day 1


  • What comes first in strategic planning?
  • Introduction to Kotter’s 8 Step change model as process for the two days

Establishing a Sense of Urgency

  • Pestle
  • Porters Five Forces
  • SWOT
  • Decision making tools

Stakeholder Management – Build guiding coalition

  • Identifying and prioritising stakeholders
  • Stakeholder hotspots – how to influence each stakeholder

What will I learn?

Day 2

Developing Vision and Strategy

  • The ‘Where’ and the ‘How’ – the vision and the strategic pillars
  • Golden Thread – the importance of goals and setting aligned SMART objectives
  • Risk Management – identifying, prioritising types of risk and the action options

Communication – gaining commitment

  • Influence upwards
  • Pre-empt and handle objections

Managing Change

  • Gleicher’s change equitation
  • The change curve and managing through it
  • The levers for change – COMBI model

How We Deliver

We currently deliver all training online to comply with the Government's guidelines.

Online training works well for businesses whose staff are mainly working from home.

It allows us to train all of your staff with the same training needs at the same time. Your people simply log on from home, using details provided in advance by our team.

Choose from Watch and Learn sessions for larger groups or interactive hands on sessions for smaller groups.

When permitted we also offer face to face training at your offices.

All sessions can be customised to a half day or 90 minute sprint session and tailored to fit your needs, covering the topic(s) within a course that are most important to your business.

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