This course is geared towards people using a SharePoint environment as Site Collection Administrator. During this course users are taken through the best practice ways of using and working within a SharePoint Site. Offering complete user functionality training on site creation/design and structure via front end functionality. This is a non-technical course.


Attendees do not need any previous experience of SharePoint but must have a basic understanding of PCs, including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse

What will I learn?

Module One – Introduction to SharePoint 2013

  • Understanding SharePoint 2013
  • Roles and Responsibilities in a SharePoint Environment
  • Understanding a SharePoint site hierarchy
  • Navigation of a SharePoint Environment
  • Best practice on storing data in a SharePoint environment using Libraries/List/Views and Document Sets

Module Two – Working with Documentation in a SharePoint Environment

  • Understanding library app functions and navigation
  • Uploading single documents into a document library
  • Uploading multiple documents into a document library
  • Adding metadata to an existing document in a library
  • Connecting library apps to Microsoft Office
  • Creating documentation directly within a SharePoint library
  • Best practice of editing documents in a SharePoint library
    • Checking documents out
    • Checking documents in
    • Knowledge of discarding Check outs
  • Understanding best practice of versioning in SharePoint
  • Sharing documents from a library via email
  • Exporting library information into Microsoft Excel
  • Understanding the recycle bin policies
  • Deleting information from a library
  • Retrieving information from the Site recycle bin

Module Three – Using the View functionality

  • Introduction to ‘What are views?’ and how they can be used
  • Creating a new view layout –
    • In a document library
    • In a List
  • Creating a ‘Filter By’ view
  • Collating data by creating a ‘Group By’ view
  • How to modify an existing view
  • How to remove an existing view

Module Four – Understanding and Using Document Sets

  • Introduction into ‘What is a Document Set?’
  • Creating a Document Set in a library
  • Uploading data into a Document Set
  • Creating documents in a Document Set

Module Five – Creation and Managing of Alerts

  • Introduction on Alert functionality
  • Creating an Alert to track data in a library
  • Creating an Alert to track changes on individual items
  • Managing Alerts within a SharePoint Site

Module Six – Understand the functions of List Apps in a SharePoint Environment

  • Introduction into the List apps that are available in a SharePoint Environment
  • Using a Calendar App and its functionality in SharePoint
  • Connecting a SharePoint Calendar to a Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Using a Task App and understanding its functionality
  • Syncing a SharePoint Task List App to Microsoft Outlook
  • Understanding a Discussion Board
  • Using the Announcement App on a SharePoint Site

Module Seven – Social SharePoint Functionality

  • Introduction into Social SharePoint
  • How to follow an item
  • Tagging an Item with a custom key word
  • Creating an item on a Note Board
  • Rating items in a SharePoint Site
  • My SharePoint profile

Module Eight – Creating Sites

  • Introduction to the different types of sites available in SharePoint
  • How to create a new team site
  • How to manage the site Quick Launch
  • Managing the Top Link Bar of a site
  • Altering the site to include company logo
  • Modifying the site theme
  • Changing the regional settings of a site
  • Understanding Site Features

Module Nine – Structuring library apps in a SharePoint site

  • Introduction into the various library app structures available in SharePoint
  • Creating a document library app including-
    • Naming Convention best practice
    • Activating Version Control
    • Microsoft Office template set up
  • Introduction to library app settings features
  • Configuring versioning setting
  • Manipulating the requirement for Forced Checkout
  • Allowing the management of content types on a library app
  • Activating Document sets in a library
  • Constructing a document template content type for use in a library app
  • Creating a custom Document Set content type including:
    • Creating column structures in the document set view
    • Including a document template content type to the document set
  • Understanding how to manage a document set

Module Ten – Creating column structures

  • Introduction into columns in a library/list app and how they can be utilised
  • Building a Choice Column in a document library app
  • Creating a Date Column
  • Modifying an existing Column

Module Eleven – Configuring an Out of the Box Approval Workflow

  • Introduction on Workflows Out of the Box including:
    • Different ways a workflow can be utilised
    • Understanding the workflow process
  • Configuring an approval workflow
  • Activating an approval workflow
  • Reviewing the workflow logs
  • Removing a workflow from a library

Module Twelve – Structuring List Apps in a SharePoint Site

  • Introduction to the numerous List apps available in SharePoint
  • Configuring an Out of the Box list app
  • Creating a Custom List app structure including:
    • Custom column configuration
    • Creating a look up column and its functionality
    • Configuring custom views in the list
  • Producing a custom list app by importing a spread sheet from Microsoft Excel
  • Configuring existing columns an imported list

Module Thirteen – SharePoint Permissions

  • Introduction to SharePoint Permissions including:
    • Understanding the differences between the permissions levels
    • Understanding the pre-defined permission groups
    • Understanding permission inheritance
  • Creating a new SharePoint permission group on a site
  • Adding new users to a permission group
  • Adding a new permission group owner via the permission group settings
  • Configuring unique permissions on a Library
  • Configuring unique permissions on a Document Set
  • Configuring unique permissions on an individual item
  • Re-inheriting permissions from a higher level
  • Creating a new site with unique permissions
  • Checking a user’s permissions in a site structure

Module Fourteen – Creating and Modifying Pages of a SharePoint Site

  • Introduction to Site Pages and how they can be utilised in a SharePoint Site
  • Editing a site page
  • Changing the page template
  • Adding images to a site page
  • Working with text design on a site page

Module Fifteen - Modifying the site page using web part functionality

  • Introduction to SharePoint page web parts
  • Configuring and creating an image viewer web part
  • Adding an announcement web part to a page
  • Adding and configuring a relevant document web part
  • How to move web parts on a page
  • How to remove web parts

Module Sixteen – Template Creation

  • Introduction to SharePoint template creation
  • Creating List Templates
  • How to find your List Template
  • Creating Library Templates
  • Creating Site Templates

Module Seventeen – Site Collection Policies

  • Introduction to Site Collection Policies
  • Create Site Retention Policies
  • Document Retention Policies

Module Eighteen - Search

  • Understanding Search in SharePoint 2013
  • Using Content Sources
  • Using the Query Builder
  • Using Query Rules
  • Using the search web parts

Module Nineteen – Taxonomy and Metadata

  • What is Taxonomy and Folksonomy in SharePoint?
  • Using the Managed Metadata Service
  • Creating a Term Set
  • Using the Managed Metadata Column
  • Metadata Navigation
  • Using Metadata Navigation

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  • Face to face

    Choose from one or half day training sessions or our popular 90-minute Sprint sessions, which can be delivered in your offices or at another location of your choice.

    All we need is a room with a table and chairs and we look after the rest. We can even provide laptops and a projector should you not have spare IT equipment to use.

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