This course is aimed at delegates who wish to become proficient using Skype for Business to communicate effectively and efficiently with others using the different features that Skype for Business has to offer.  This can be hands-on training and/or demonstration style training.


By the end of this course delegates will be able to: describe the uses for Skype for Business; change their presence; manage contacts; use Instant Messaging; and make voice over IP (VoIP)and video calls.   They will also become familiar with accessing voicemail, video and web conferencing, scheduling and recording meetings whilst sharing files and a screen or open windows.


Ideally, delegates will have some understanding of Microsoft Windows and Office.

What will I learn?


  • What is Skype for Business

Getting Started with Skype for Business

  • Signing into Skype for Business
  • Pinning to taskbar
  • Looking at Options
    – Setting profile picture
    – Setting audio and headsets
    – Call forwarding
    – Alerts
    – Meeting options
  • Working with the Skype Console
    – What’s Happening Today?
    – Location
    – Show Menu bar
    – Groups, Status, Relationships, New
  • Contacts
  • Conversations
  • Meetings


  • Adding Contacts
  • Setting Favourites
  • Setting up Groups
  • Deleting Groups and Contacts
  • External Contacts
  • Privacy options
  • Status change alerts

Presence Indicators

  • Understanding presence colours
  • Automatic presence changes
  • Set your own presence

Instant Messaging

  • How to use instant messaging
  • When to use instant messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Missed messages
  • Conversation history – in Outlook

Video Calls

  • Set up audio and video devices
  • Making video calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Use the call control


  • Meet Now
  • Meeting settings
    – What is waiting in the Lobby?
  • Schedule an online meeting using Outlook
  • Meeting with external users
  • Desktop sharing
  • Application sharing
  • Presentation sharing
  • Whiteboards, polls and Q&A


  • Recording meetings
  • Managing and sharing recordings

If time permits

  • Call forwarding and delegation
  • Skype for Business on your mobile or tablet
  • Setting up Voicemail
  • Telephony – transferring calls (announcing a call and cold transfer a call)

How we deliver

Training can be delivered in either of the following ways:

  • Online

    Online training is ideal if you have staff in different geographical locations who have the same Microsoft or Adobe training requirements.

    Our expert trainers can deliver Watch and Learn sessions to up to 100 people. Alternatively, they can produce an interactive session that allows delegates to complete practical exercises within the Microsoft or Adobe apps of your choosing.

  • Face to face

    Choose from one or half day training sessions or our popular 90-minute Sprint sessions, which can be delivered in your offices or at another location of your choice.

    All we need is a room with a table and chairs and we look after the rest. We can even provide laptops and a projector should you not have spare IT equipment to use.

Sprint learning

Short on time, but still want to boost staff performance?
Book a Sprint Session!

Each Sprint Session follows a 90-minute format for ultra-focused team learning.

Pick a topic, tell us what you want to achieve from your session, and we’ll put together a short, fun, entirely bespoke programme that meets the needs of your team.

Designed to cater for 10-15 delegates at a time

Developed by our team to cover the subject matter of your choice

Delivered online or face-to-face

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